American History X

MY GOD! that movie messes with your racism good or bad? Edward Norton was disturbingly fantastic…(plus he looks so lean and mean) but I am rather confused by the whole movie.. not confused…disturbed…I mean, was Derek right in the beginning, where his father was killed by a black man? or was he right towards the end , where his brother was killed?Yes, you need to learn to forgive, and not generalise…but is it right to preach to a man who lost two of his family to the same race? Its a strange argument, the story brings…and its hard to tell whether the movie is pro racism or anti. Whatever the case, the kid who shot Daniel was a real prick, come on you cant shoot someone coz he blew smoke on your face! Does anyone know any movie where Ed Norton has played a non-brooding character? I always see him in these dark roles…


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