Because I am running out of inspiring stuff to write about..here’s an installment of random crap that I think about

Why do Americans spell with “z” and British with “s”?

Does America really want to express its individuality over a language that isnt its own, to begin with? The same goes for pronouncing Z as Zee..

Why am I so horribly sleepy after having guzzled a bucketload of coffee?

Why do I shop so much knowing fully well that I don’t really need half of what I buy?

You know what is absolutely weird? I bought this storage box from IKEA, called Kassett…its a cardboard box, for storing Vcds and stuff…And after I put it together I had this incredile feeling of deja vu…Five years ago, when I was a little more thrifty with my money, being a university student and all.. I used to store my VCDS in a shoe box..Shoe boxes, if you notice..are so dimensionally perfect for storing CDs! And Kassett is nothing, if not a glorified shoe box! Damn you Ikea…making me buy things I can do without.


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