I used to watch romantic movies a lot…hell I even saw Win a Date with Ted Hamilton…But I seem to watching less and less..and romantic movies these days are so blah. Take “In good company” for instance…frikkin..the romance didnt even work out in the end! and Scarlett Johannson…(yeah she is really pretty and all)..but she has a really cold demeanor..(onscreen)..Btw I did notice I am talking about two Topher Grace movies here..(and P.S I will miss him in the next season of That 70s Show..sob sob)

So where were we? Romantic movies..I havent seen any nice ones in a while…at least not any new ones. I have to say I wait eagerly for action flicks, and toon flicks…but not romantic flicks anymore..Sorry…but any movie that goes by the name of Cinderella Story doesnt do it for anymore.(Didnt even watch it)

The closest to a romantic movie which I adored of late was Phantom of the Opera..but then again it falls into a different genre altogether. I would kill to watch it for real..I absolutely loved Les Miserables in London…its a whole new experience ..watching a real musical. The costumes, the stage..its magical. I remember the whole bunch of us coming out of the show..waiting outside a pub called On and On..singing…

“Do you hear the people sing..

Singing the songs of angry men

It is the music of a people

Who will not be slaves again.

When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drum

There is a life about to start

When tomorrow comes.”

Sigh….fond memories.


One thought on “Sappy

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