Survivor (Destiny’s Child)

I’m a survivor. I’m not gon give up
I’m not gon stop I’m gon work harder
I’m a survivor I’m gonna make it
I will survive..Keep on survivin’

Yeah baby- It was 4th of July yesterday, once year since the fated night I tripped,fell and sustaineda traumatic semi(?)-permanent injury on my right foot (meta-tarsal joint). Noone takes it seriously, obviously! Because it was not detected to be a fracture until two months later. Then on, the pain has not improved one bit…and I am the only one who knows that and feels that. To anyone else, temporary symphathy and/or stupid remedies is all that comes to mind. I have stopped caring for these comments….if swimming/whatever could have helped me..I would have done it. I’m not a masochist for God’s sake.
It still depresses me… a short short girl… that wearing high heels will never be the same. Still, I congratulate myself for continuing to walk like an absolute cat when I’m on stilettos-most normal girls still can’t manage walking on heels, (enter the squattish,legs apart walk).
I’m not done praising myself yet….
Congratulations a moi, for not biting my nails for the past several weeks…I finally may have manicure-worthy nails at the end of the week….by that I mean, that usually, my nails are so short that they can’t be filed/clipped. Any nail-biter in the audience will be able to understand what I’m saying….

I don’t want to say anything irrelevant in this post, so my next post is going to be less about me and more about G8/Live8/One.


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