Racism is something I feel very strongly about. I have always wanted to write about racism, I wanna write something strong and powerful that would shame racists. Unfortunately I am not that impressive. But nonetheless I wanna write about it. So here goes.

One of my biggest grouses in Singapore, is that whenever you fill a form, no matter how insignificant it is…like meaningless surveys,lucky draws, medical records whatever….you have to fill in your race. i.e.

Are you Indian, Chinese or Malay?

In job applications like one I filled for Shell, the race choices were:

Indian, Chinese,Malay,African and White… I sense something terribly wrong here. I hope I’m not the only one.Why not have it as “brown,yellow,tan,black and white?”

What totally confuses me is this: Whats the race of a Thai person? Whats the race of a Vietnamese person? I bet you my month’s rent that people from Asian non-Chinese countries put their race as Other-Xcountry. So race is basically nationality dubbed, right? I bet it pisses the fuck out a pakistani to put down his race as Indian..

Here’s the big truth about race people…We are all basically three,that’s right,three races:-

1. Caucasian

2. Mongoloid

3. Negroid

In lay man’s terms, people were divided into three groups, by the color of their skin-white,yellow and black. Thats right, hispanic people,middle-eastern people,people of the indian subcontinent are,simply put, brown caucasians.Not that it really matters to me, here in Singapore, people refer to me as “a black” person-most people who say this to me don’t mean it as an insult-to them they are simply acknowledging my race.Anyway….screw that. Where were we? First of all, it offends me to think that some slimy fucker had to sit down one day, and coin terms for groups of people.Secondly, it offends me more to think that we have come a long way from there and degenerated into sub-subdividing people into newer more warped classifications of race. Thirdly, it offends me that people think this is even necessary. When I meet someone, I don’t start thinking immediately, gee what race is he? It is disgusting to think that companies actually want personal information like this on their forms. Its bullshit, I say.

Fuck racism, and fuck racists.


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