All I want for Christmas (Mariah)

I have a knack, a gift if you will, for picking out amazing presents (or gifts, if you will).I have never bought a rotten present. Mostly, coz I spend a shitload…but also coz I do more RnD than the Nasa. Its probably because so I am so bloody self-absorbed that I am just looking for a buttload of credit and goodwill, when the person goes, “Oh, Its perfect!!” (translation-You’re the best)

Like today, I picked up an amazing present for my flatmate- I don’t know whether she likes it yet-but I know she’s been wanting this for a while now.

The surprising bit is that if I’m buying clothes for someone, I even get the size right! Frikkin crazy eh? I buy stuff for my folks back in India, imagine, all the way from Singapore. If they didnt fit, I’d have to try to return it a month later and the seller would go” Three day onny aa, cannot return so late one, one month oredi”. So thank goodness for this talent of mine.

Now, if only my nearest and dearest had the same skill- Oh God, please bestow my gifts on others!

My Birthday is exactly a month away- start planning now.

-By Order

Drops of Jupiter


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