Run (snow patrol)

I have been hit on quite a few times this week for all the wrong reasons…I am not proud of myself. Coupla years back this same thing happened… I was at the ATM withdrawing cash, and this wimpish Bangladeshi comes upto me and says…

him:You very pretty..your name?
(I ignored)
him:You have husband?
(I froze)
me: nnn…no…
him:I want to be friend with you.
me:no sorry,thank you.
me…(thinking) Damnnit ATM,gimme my cash QUICCCK!
him:please…where you stay…you very pretty..
me: NO please just go away!

I stomped off with my 50$ note that cost me a lot of my dignity. I went to Mos and waited for my burger…I noticed a sidey fellow waiting there…I didnt pay him any attention…I was on the phone with my boyfriend…and I started walking to the bus stop…I noticed the weirdo following me. He comes close…

him:whats your name?
(I didnt answer)
him:you very pretty..tell me your name
him:come with me…
me:no (started walking really fast)
him:but i like you…you want money? 50$?
him: 100$..come on!
At this point I got to the traffic signal where there were some people standing…I mustered what little dignity and strength I had and yelled “PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!”

I wasnt about to rule out the possibility of him following me home..which, fortunately he didnt. I was horrified, and I felt cheap for no fault of mine.
I have to admit girls do love it when guys come after them, I know I’m guilty of this too…but I guess this wasn’t one of those times when you go ” he’s such a nice guy, i’m flattered he likes me..such a shame i don’t feel that way”

I made my girlfriend check out my outfit and she said it didnt look cheap…I was wearing jeans and a plain bright pink teeshirt(it was new). I have never worn that tee since.


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