As hurricane Emily scares the bajeezus outta some innocent tourists, and as London points an accusing finger at Pakistan for the bombings, I’ve had my own personal share of jolts that pulled the ground from under my feet. Its amazing how life is just going smoothly for a while, like a merc on cruise control..and all of a sudden the road ahead caves in and you’re trapped in a pile of debris with no way out. Sure no one expects life to be the proverbial bed of roses…but can’t that fellow up there cut us some slack? Over the years,I’ve learnt to make myself feel better by thinking of those who are lesser priveleged than I..its a great method in principle…I think of my broken foot..and then I think of someone with no foot at all… and it works…i learn to thank God for all I am blessed with. But then I think of the countless people who can dance all night and run and swim to their hearts desire and poof! I feel like shit again..So it works both ways.

Today i feel like crap. I always feel like crap when my birthday is nearing.Partly because of the fact that for the past five years I have spent my birthday away from my family and friends….I’m not saying I don’t have friends in Singapore..but my parents always made me feel very special on my birthday….the thought of turning one more year older without them is quite saddening. My dad did say he wanted to come to Singapore for my birthday but I don’t think thats the best idea… Whenever my folks come here, they spend hardly any time with me..and all their time shopping shopping shopping.

Of course this isnt a post about parent-bashing. They do insist that I buy all kinds of stuff on my birthday to make me happy…and yes it does make me happy. Trouble is, this birthday I am craving for expensive things, pearl bracelets and luxury leather and silk scarves, and I can’t bring myself to spend that money.

This week, I’ve had, among other things, a brainwave. I have been seriously contemplating going to Netherlands and spending Christmas with my uncle. He’s the nicest guy, he is a super-egotist leo like me,and we totally get along… I could also travel to Paris for some much-needed retail therapy. heard that the Ferragamos and Vuittons of the world have their crazy sales in January. So basically the prospect of going to Europe makes it worthwhile to save some money now. But parents are pressuring me to come to India instead. But I don’t feel like going to India right now…I went last year..folks were in Singapore hardly a month ago… I cant keep spending all my money on India trips..Or I’ll never ever travel any other sector other than Sg-Bom-Sg.


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