Somebody told me (the killers)

Man, this song is sschtuck in my head! I was watchin’ RockStar INXS and I love the show..its amazing..Dave Navarro is so exotic. I havent decided who is my fave pick yet.. so I am rooting for Suzie, Mig and JD. But since Anwar lost out on Am-Idol..I won’t have my hopes high.

I have decided to take my boyfriend’s rotting-in-the-corner acoustic guitar and start learning how to play.. Clearly…my voice isnt exactly suited to arias..but I sing in tune, and my voice is pretty bass..(thats what people tell me) why not.
I used to be a dancer..sigh.. oh well.. when one door closes, another one opens..(or was it a window)..watever.

The shopping bug bit me again yesterday as I was drawn hynotically to the discount rack at the Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. Topshop clearance sux. Dorothy Perkins is not too bad..extremely cheap, as they are getting rid of leftover stock. Found meself a nice pair of classic black pants, as I have retired my old pair. Also found a chic short formal jacket in cream to match my linen trousers…will be picking it up today. Only I have to make sure the color matches perfectly…So far its frikkish luck that it was the only piece, and in my size too, the usual is around 100$ or so..but this is a mere 29$..Of cors I will have to get it dry-cleaned. But enough abt that.


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