You’re the storm

Last night, I managed to get the worst seats in the house for the upcoming Stomp. They are so bad they are across the road from the house, and next to the dumpster. But if Jose Carreras thinks the Esplanade is the best concert hall ever, then maybe I shouldnt be complaining.

It is raining frogs and lizards here…and I can’t go for that morning swim I was planning since last night. Its my friend Nutty’s birthday, and I was the only person thoughtful enough to wish late in the day( I woke up in time to catch the sunset) instead of all these insensitive people who wake up someone at midnight to wish them. (those mannerless…)

Mumbai-update: Floods have receded, (many ground level apartments were flooded, and damaged) The city is a graveyard for poor animals, dogs and buffaloes. Sad, isnt it. Damage to cars is unthinkably extensive. For the record, Bombay has apartments…not just huts. People came to me and said.. oh you mean the houses are so weak that the water destroyed them? No, numbskull, the water current is strong, and the water went into the houses and destroyed furniture. Geez.

Fashion-update: Succumbed to intense materialism and swiped the card for bug-eye Armani sunglasses that are so current chic that they will be passe before you can say “shallow bitch”

Breath-update: Stinks, just woke up. Coffee’s a brewing, pizza’s a coming. Hello lazy saturday morning.

Sidebar- I love songs called Sunday morning, I love sunday morning…I like any song called Sunday Morning, as long as its not sung by that irritating Chester guy from Linkin Park.

(Who says I have to be coherent? I just woke up)


2 thoughts on “You’re the storm

  1. its a real pity whats happened it mumbai…a few pple i knew actually went missing but it turns out they took it upon themselves to walk home from work..still scary though!:O armani?! holy hole-in-your-pocket batgirl!*mumbles* linkin park isnt thaaat bad

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