Hit em up with style

Previous barriers in shopping tabs were maxed out as I swiped Dad’s plastic to buy my most expensive outfit to date. A Karen Millen white dress.. dad insisted he wanted me to splurge and I am not insensitive enough to refuse. Chose it in a matter of minutes while waiting to meet some friends at the station. Feeling a little guilty right now.. but it’ll pass.
Its August again, hot, humid and rainy August, when many many great souls such as myself came down to this Earth and failed to stay down-to-earth. (ok bad one..but still) 1st August is my Dutch uncle’s birthday… who will hopefully provide me a humble abode when I visit him in Dec/Jan. FYI–I will be posting birthday wishes to all my Leon friends..sorry if you weren’t born that way. Its nothing personal. August was named in honor of Augustus Caesar who was my ex-husband in a previous life. The month reputedly has 31 days because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar’s July. No wonder we Leos always get what we want-no matter how preposterous.
Anyway, I watched a hindi film called KAAL yesterday and felt like my brains had been raped of any last vestiges of sense they had. This movie is so bad, so trying-to-be-spooky-but-even-the-three-year-olds-are-laughing, so utterly useless. I demand three hours of my life back, I also demand all the grey cells that died while I was watching Manoj Night (?!!) Shyamalan’s movies. Please don’t tell me he makes good movies,yeah right, and I’m Venus Williams. Signs was so rotten, I got a fever after watching it. Village was so shitty that my face was stuck in a hideous scowl after the next three days. And what kind of dope gives himself a middle name like NIGHT anyway?


3 thoughts on “Hit em up with style

  1. Giggle..I am with you!I think the reason I have a grouse with him is simply because all his movies employ the Anti-climax, Sixth Sense,Signs,Village are all anticlimax..what you see is never what you get types…I mean first it was creative…now it just pisses me off ;)Keep the comments coming, you guys/gals are too nice.=)

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