Best I’ve ever had

Someday I’ll fly,
Someday I’ll soar,
Someday I’ll be…so damn much more,
Cause I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for.

I could relate to this song on oh-so-many levels, that it boggles my mind to think I didn’t write it myself (I didn’t). I’m past the age when all I needed to lift my spirits was a sappy boyband number…this song does it so easily…”Someday I’ll be so damn much more”. Here’s what I think–Whenever you’re down in the dumps, play this song and you’ll feel better.(If you don’t feel better, then listen to Metallica’s Until it sleeps…it will make things worse..but hey at least it’s a great song)
I was listening to it this morning and daydreaming about John Mayer hosting a concert in Singapore…gee…I wish.
He’s seriously such a no-nonsense guy, looks down-to-earth, and he writes great stuff… Anyone like “Daughters”? That’s a great song-won a grammy too. Not that I think Grammies are credible… (they didnt give Drops of Jupiter a grammy, those hardasses)

Enough of me shoving my opinions down your throats (but hey its my blog)…Here’s a birthday wish to my life-long friend KC who turns 23 today.I’ve known him since I was 3,seriously and you call me fickle eh??*tongue out*

Anyway, I have been wanting to pen this for a while but..but.. I didnt wanna look like I was bragging…My ex-boss who is a wonderful and absolutely fun kinda lady said to this me a while ago. It so happened that we went clubbing that night with some other colleagues. The coupla nights later at dinner,she said
“All this time I didn’t realise that you were so short and tiny until we went to Thumper”
I gave her a utterly dumbstruck look and said “Huh? What does that mean?”
“Well, in all that crowd, you were barely visible and that’s when I realised that you’re really tiny”
“All this time, you didn’t realise I was short? I don’t ever wear heels to work.”
“Yeah, but everything about you is so big, thoughts, words,deeds,personality…everything. I never “saw” you to be a short person.”
Honestly, that is the one of THE nicest things anyone has ever said to me, and what really touches me is that she totally meant it.I did tell her that too. So I guess that’s the real point of this post…even if it sounds like I’m bragging. The things that really define you are far beyong physical. (of course you can argue with that)…Now, you know why I like that song so much.


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