Too much

I find myself asking a very pertinent question today,(trying to sound hoity-toity) instead of the normal cussing filth that I post. As someone who has always had more guy-friends than gals, I find myself hanging out with more guys (duh). Its easier I guess to hang out with guys, because they’re half as full of shit as the stupid woman species. They always give compliments, always say sorry if they make you wait,walk you home,have opinions similar to mine about movies and generally the conversation does not involve weight-loss.
But there are some things that come as part of the package that needn’t necessarily add value. Guys can be overly flirtatious, too many compliments can go to my head (egotistic leo that I am), drinking nights can go horribly wrong, etc, etc. The point is it only takes one awkward incident for a friendship to go horribly wrong.Also, you can’t possibly be hanging out with guys just to get the attention right? You can’t rule out the possibility of the guys hitting on you, asking you out, right? I admit that my ego jumps a few notches higher for every guy who asks me out/hits on me/tries to have sex with me/offers me money (then again, maybe not the last one)
At last count it was 10,389.
Its not as if I am seeking validation from all of this…its just that it happens anyway when I’m least expecting it…at atms,video libraries,burger kings,wherever. So.. should you feel good about it? If you don’t, should you bitchslap the person?I’ve only ever bitchslapped a few people in my life, can’t say I don’t like it…but I try not to get hung up on the feeling.*wink* And more importantly, should you feel BAD about it, because it isnt your fault to begin with. I know some sexist chauvanists will say…”Women are teases”…said sexist chauvanists can hump a tree.

Ok, I better admit…I wanted to make a brillaint point with this post, heck I even wanted to ask a pertinent question…but I think I lost track of the subject. Sorry if anyone read this and went “What the hell is she talking about?”


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