Hidden Agenda

Its a cold and dark friday night…mostly because the lights are switched off and because the airconditioning is switched on. Another weekend, another excuse to waste time by posting incoherent nonsense on a website. Just kidding, I’d never waste my weekends on this… thats what they pay me at office for.
I got the stink-eye today from some random Head of Global Something who was stomping around the office like some damn WW1 general surveying his troops. He had this loud booming voice and he was being incredibly patronising by introducing himself to EVERYONE, asking their names (like he’d ever remember) and then bellowing “HI HOW ARE YOU??” and pushing off to his next victim.I sometimes wonder how they can manage to bullshit so much with a straight face. Its all that damned money…

Anyway, there seem to be no good movies coming out except if you count Charlie and the Chocolate factory…its just like the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (and Don’t me you tell you haven’t seen it…I order you to rent it out NOW) except that Willa Wonka is now played in a deranged, transvestite, Michael Jackson-ish way by Johnny Depp. FYI- he isnt all that sexy anymore. He looks like someone who’d molest a child, not buy him candy!! And that blunt hair-do? Noone said Willy Wonka was a gay ringmaster in a 1920s French circus. Its WILLY WONKA not whacko wanker. Geez. They say its gonna be “darker” than the old movie… like how, may I ask? By making him look like that? By getting some nasty-ass kids cussing the hell out? Please enlighten me, its a chocolate factory, the only thing that could be dark in this movie is the frikkin chocolate. Maybe in the end, Charlie and the oompaloompas will just kill Mr.Wonka…Maybe they’ll get fifty cent and Ja rule to play the Oompaloompas and maybe Mini Me could their ring leader. The nerve of these directors to hype up an un-original screenplay by trash like this.
So anyway, nothing worth watching…If I end up seeing this movie, please feel free to disown me.

P.S: Why “hidden agenda”? because Craig David’s sexy video is a tribute to golden tickets and the rest of the Chocolate Factory movie. Its an uber-cool clip!


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