Hungry eyes

Bon jour! Buenos Dias! Guten Morgen……Its a beautiful day today, for no rhyme or reason. Don’t you just want to kill me for being so positive on a Monday? The weekend wasn’t bad at all…Saw “The truth about love” which is a very funny and tittilating comedy, if you can forgive the done-to-beyond-death train station love confession at the end of the movie. The sexy comedy has a great start when the “other hero” accidentally mails a Valentine to his best friend’s wife! I loved it. I also managed to watch Wedding Crashers which is very funny (thanks to Vince Vaughn who is so lovable) but also has a very cliched ending. Cooked a little too, made my trademark kick-ass Baingan ka Bharta ( chargrilled eggplants)
I am trying to stay immensely positive today because I will be working tomorrow. Of course that would be a totally normal thing if tomorrow wasnt a fucking NATIONAL HOLIDAY. I am still calm. But if someone does something to piss me off even a teensy weensy bit, I will bring out my big mallet and start pummeling everyone to the ground. So I said, I am immensely cheerful this bright Monday morning. I have a huge smile plastered over my face, and my eyes are bright and cheery.

Makeup tip: If you’re like me, and are always rushing to catch that bus/train to work– dust a little blush on your eyelids, its not as dressy as real eyeshadow, and the dull pinkish hue really makes sleepy eyes look fresh!


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