Lost for words

The day turned out pretty good yesterday… even managed to get a surprise bouquet of bright asters…which was so welcome after a hard day.Some rather unexpected people forgot and some rather unexpected people remembered to wish…Thanks KC for smsing, emailing,messaging and calling!! Thanks to my gang for organising and turning up with great presents to the party. Love you all. You make an old hag feel special. Just kidding, I am not an old hag.

Now, for some serious fun.I have discoverered something (technically I didnt discover it)fun to do. Its probably not as much as getting laid or getting drunk or whatever…but its great if you can do in office, right? Well.. its called (are you ready for this?) Blogandalism…or Blondalism for short. Its a stupid word…but could it be as stupid as “Blogosphere” and the people who say “blogosphere”? Here’s what you do:-

1. Find an uncool blog.

2. Leave nasty comments on their posts (If the person is uncool,you should rightfully disagree with everything he/she says)

3. If you have the balls for it, leave your own blogger profile so they can come over your blog to return the favor.

Nothing fancy..I am not asking you to leave a comment that goes “shit cunt fuck shit”..no need to swear…(oh no..my blog’s gonna get banned again) Just a simple “yawn…fascinating” would do.

Or better yet… leave an ultra-intelligent rebuttal that totally destroys their purpose in life. Like if some hijo-de-puta has developed a superiority complex for being a vegetarian…(I wanna digress here so bad….but maybe some other post)try and defeat his arguments on purely technical facts. Look, there are too many shitty blogs and too many idiots leaving nice comments on shitty posts. Hey, just because you’re a friend doesnt mean you have to agree to everything. Thats Blah. And speaking of blah, whats with these random people thinking they are photographers par excellence posting random rotten pictures on their blogs? Here’s the thing….there are beautiful places and there are beautiful pictures…a rotten picture of a beautiful place does not qualify. So the water is blue-green and there are beautiful corals…BUT YOU’RE NOT JACQUES COSTEAU!

And please, why do people monochromatize (I hope I am using the word right) their photos? To make them look artistic? Well, they’re not! Take better pictures instead of b/w-ing the bad ones. So crummy…people posting bad pictures and others leaving compliments! Like it would kill to be honest.

Anyway, back to blogandalism, when you see someone cribbing about his/her useless life/day ending the post with a rhetoric like WHY GOD? WHY ME? …be nice enough to answer by saying “because you’re stupid/ugly/both”

of course the vandalised blogger can easily take action by removing your posts…but that’s fine…between the time vandalism and sanitisation, many can read and have a good laugh…and many more will respect you for being a good honest person who can’t tolerate rampant bullshit.

Look at what it has come to… disagreeing with someone online has been likened to vandalism…Thats the extent of ass-licking on blogs. And please, feel free to vandalise my blog if you find me writing nonsense.

–Issued in public interest

Drops of Jupiter

PS: I don’t have anger issues.


2 thoughts on “Lost for words

  1. Hear, hear!Cant stand these I-pat-your-back-you-pat-mine. Heard from a friend, that some blogger actually went on to track the IP address of someone who left a “nasty” comment on his blog. LOSER!

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