The sweetest thing

I didnt cover this enough …so I thought I’d write about people who did nice things for my birthday…This feel-good post is for me to look back at some morose evening…its not a bit-too-obvious way of thanking them, or showing off…because I already thanked them.You know who you are. Some friends from US and India called and talked at length and I am pleasantly surprised. Here’ a big wet sloppy kiss for all of you…MMMMMUAAAAAAXXXXX because you’ve all been so:-

Thoughful–spa voucher because I’m always beaten.
Meaningful–Sketch book and pencil because I always draw with bad stationery.
Beautiful–Accessories because I love my earrings!
Delicious–The best chocolate fudge cake I’ve ever ever eaten (with strawberry jam on top!)
Delayed–The Winnie the Pooh card in the mail that hasn’t quite made it to my mailbox yet. (from my five-year-old-at-heart brother)

And almost all of the above:- My pearl colored dress, pearl Furla bag and pearl Furla wallet and my Armani sunglasses…

I forgot to wish Devon Aoki who was also born on 10th Aug 82…like me.. And yesterday I realised that Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are born on 9th and 10th respectively..Isn’t that cute? Ok…enough meaningless celebrity gossip…I wanna stay relevant so I’m gonna start a new post.


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