Cancion del mariachi

Its ironic that the most special people you ever get to meet are in short encounters and chances are you never see them ever again. Like teachers…I was getting a little nostalgic in the taxi tonight thinking about my Spanish tutor..”O” is this charming smiling flamboyant man…a real treat to be taught by. Even his dressing was vibrant- he’d always wear half-sleeved
shirts with ties..and I never saw him repeat any!He could speak many European languages including French( He was actually Portuguese)…so we hit it off..we’d chat in French during class breaks, (noone else would understand) Every class started the same way.. a booming HOLA! COMO ESTAS? MUY BIEN!I was his favourite student and he taught me well..I scored an A (obviously) And he used to do this thing in class-he’d recommend books he liked and encourage us to read them…and I’m doing it now. He taught me this very cute Spanish nursery rhyme..

Tengo una muñeca (I have a little doll)
Vestido de azul (with a blue dress)
Zapatitos blancos delantal de tul (little white shoes and apron)

I cant remember a lot of it now.. but the chorus goes

dos y dos son cuatro ( 2 and 2 is 4)
cuatro y dos son seis (4 and 2 is 6)
seis y dos son ocho (6 and 2 is 8)
y ocho deiciseis (and 8 is 16)

Makes me feel like I’m five. O even taught us a old serenade song called Sin Ti (without you) by Los Ponchos…Anyway, he was a really nice guy…I wish I could have taken some more courses with him and improved my Spanish (and French)…He said “Il faut practiquer” (It is essential to practice)
Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui s’intéresse à les langues étrangères?


2 thoughts on “Cancion del mariachi

  1. aww i can totally understand the nostalgia..i was one of those kids who could actually have a conversation with the teacher, one that didnt include marks or homeworks..i’d love to see them all again if i had the chance..y’know..just to catch up =)

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