The Italian

Oh boy! Heavy day at work today. Snuck in a ten-minute lunch break (no kidding) and I am back in the office. Have a meeting with the CIO today (gulp and double gulp)…so making up for lost time by blogging during my lunch. I’m not exactly sure why I am writing today because I have nothing inspiring/enraging to write about.I realised today that I managed to cock up at least a hundred administrative issues at work over the past six months and I am trying to get all that shit fixed. (Time sheets, appraisals, everything…I screwed up everything)

Anyway, fuck that. Here’s something the ladies will enjoy. Whatcha think of this guy here? Whatcha think of him singing classic romantic music, you know… good ol Frankie style? This is Patrizio Buanne and he is so HOT! I got to see yesterday at the Copthorne ballroom at an exclusive musical showcase and it was brilliant. My only regret- didn’t sit in the corner, he was kissing the girls sitting at the corners.
He looks even better when he smiles!! I had such a good time! Italian men are just adorable…they keep talking all the time..and they have the dark brown hair….can’t get enough of them. Not to mention they are a little goofy/dopey. I kinda like dopey guys. Ph.Ds are not my type, more like garage mechanics…
My fave Italian guy story– I was out with this guy and we were shopping…(Italian men KNOW fashion and they are great to shop with!) And he casually asks me…

Him: So, you keep-uh thee aneemals?
Me: Huh? pets?
Him: Yea…thee pets..
Me: No..I’d love to have a dog, but I don’t
Him: Not thee dog…the aneemals…
Me: Like what? Cows? I don’t domesticate animals!
Him:No.No…(shakes his head) not thee cows…uhh…you know…like..the BOA?
Me: a BOA?? Why would I keep a snake?
Him: COBRA! yessss… do you keep thee cobra?
Me: NO! Why would I keep cobras? Do I look like someone who keeps cobras?
Him: I thought thee Indians keep thee snakes at home…I think it is so cool…you can make them dance.I love it. Maybe your parents keep ?
Me: No, my parents dont keep snakes either.Not everyone in India can make snakes dance.
Him: (really disappointed) Oh…
Me: You can see snake charmers outside temples sometimes
Him: Oh great! so I go to the India, to the temple and I can see the snake dance?
Me: yea..something like that..and you’re crazy.


6 thoughts on “The Italian

  1. You should have told him that you have half a dozen pet snakes and an elephant. Also a few exotic himalayan monkeys. Not to mention the flying carpet which you use on weekends…

  2. hahaaahah man that was cuteand you’re right…dopey guys are cute! kinda sexy too..i just dont know what it is..maybe its us indian womens ‘mothering’ instinct*shrugs*that would explain why i always fall for the underdog.grr.

  3. Oh wait! This isnt my favorite Italian story. My fave is about the guy who, whenever he met me, said “Why you never keesss me?? You don’t like me? This is how we say hello in Italee…” He was so dopey he couldn’t even spell!! You can’t begin to imagine how goodlooking he was.

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