Dream on

So I dragged my pale feverish ass to the doctor’s at Holland Village..and I noticed how inappropriate it is to have so much delectable food and a medical centre right in the middle of it all. Now anyone who’s had a good dose of antibiotics would know that those suckers make you hungry as hell. I was raised as a vegetarian, and turned into a surprisingly at-ease carnivore after coming to Singapore. But now that I have my own apartment and since I tend not to get sick from my cooking (which means I rock the kitchen), my mother has withdrawn the permit to eat meat. So its been a dry spell since last December. The craving has been around ever since…and I dread the day I give up the abstinence and plunge into a pack of sliced turkey and eat it raw.(Turkey is right up there with crabmeat) Or worse, a bucket of KFC’s.
Oh God…I hope that doesn’t happen. I ordered myself a gourmet pizza at Amici (hey! at least they’re good calories) and then the dude handed me a coupon for a FREE roasted lobster with every two main courses ordered. gee…I wonder if I can make a covert plan with another carnivore to go with me and feast on that delicious lobster. Its calling out to me. Of course the plan isnt covert anymore but either way, if I have to break such a long spell, then it BETTER be extremely extremely delicious meat.

I’m saving myself for that perfect dish. pun intended


5 thoughts on “Dream on

  1. oh jups *disappointed sigh* dont eat the meat jups…it creates such negative energy in you..its bad karma! take it from someone who used to eat meat and then stopped..cold turkey (heh heh hehhhhhh)save the animals.. good karma… enjoy them feel good vibes baby!and if all that fails..u may then dig into a bucket of KFC..but will you REALLY be at peace with yourself if you do?:Phaha i’m evil!!!oh go ahead you silly woman…eat the meat!u live only once!

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