Move Bitch

Blogger messed with my ass yesterday when I slogged away on a post and the stupid shit didnt publish! wtf!

So here’s me trying to duplicate to the best of jagged memory.

He is going to die..because one of these days I will finish the job. The turd of all turds, the stingiest of the miserly, the man who makes Shylock look like Mother Teresa…

Rowan Atkinson once said “If his entire family can be likened to a huge compost heap, and I assure you it can, then he would be fungus growing on top of it”

Enough of the 20 questions, I am talking about my landlord. The dude has a serious problem, which can be attributed to a pitiful medical condition. Head-up-his-ass-itis.

Landlords in singapore have it good. Lease contracts are so waterproof that the tenant is pretty much screwed from the second he signs.

If you get so much as some snot on the walls, there will be hell to pay. I dont even want to get into the details anymore (because I did yesterday and stupid blogger screwed up)

But suffice to say that my landlord has gone to the extent of trying to get commissions from the contractors we hire and we pay for. This bottom-feeding maggot should know better than to mess with me.

In all fairness, it has to be said that he did replace our old T.V ( it was John Logie Baird’s original model) with another species that is commonly found only in

a)the dumpster

b)the bhangaarwaala’s (if you know what that is)

or c) the bhangaarwaala’s dumpster

Bhangaarwaala is hindi slang for a charitable sort who comes to your house and pays YOU money to get rid of YOUR rubbish.(See also “Baatlibai” and “DabbaBaatliBhangaarwaala”)

Anyway, my landlord is a turd. Nothing further, your honour.


10 thoughts on “Move Bitch

  1. I had a horrible landlord that drove me nuts too… Lets just say before I left I left hundreds of little holes in the wall… Don’t worry Karma will come and bite his ass one way or another.

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