Wake me up when September ends

Starting Sept 1st with a runny nose, a teary eye, a spinning head and mousy hair.
Starting Sept 1st with a new shirt, and worn-out shoes.
Starting Sept 1st with interesting projects and boring work.
Starting Sept 1st with compliments.

My nose runneth over…and its getting hard to type. I was just DENIED medical leave inspite of looking very sick. The office thinks I am crying, but I am not. Damn you stupid common cold! Its a wonder that I am thinking straight, because I don’t have stamina to stand straight.

Last night, I got to thinking about.. dare I say it… premarital sex. Hold your horses…and don’t jump to the proverbial conclusion just yet. I was just a little puzzled by it…I mean.. the fact that phrase even exists, let alone the fact it is still relevant in this crazy yuppie world we live in. Why are Indians so afraid of it? Why is it taboo? Don’t we need to grow up…because quite frankly I don’t see the whole point around it. Here’s why. The idea that you have to be virgin before marriage is seen as a technicality. It should really be seen on a higher level i.e. you should be virginal in a sense…For example, if you’ve never been with someone.
But if you’ve been with twenty men, then being a virgin or not doesn’t really count, does it?
I was having coffee with a crazy friend in Bombay a few months ago. I play agony aunt to him all the time. Somehow the conversation veered to sex. To cut a long story short, this guy would rather kill a baby than have premarital sex. I said I didn’t find anything wrong with the idea. He said he was disappointed with me. I just feel that it is confused with “sleeping around” which I wouldn’t advocate for the obvious reason that you could catch VD. Its been said a million times, and I say it again. India is way too queezy about discussing sex for a country thats setting records for population.

To be honest, the question isn’t whether you’d DO it or not. The question is why do you think its taboo? Is marriage the only legitimate excuse to consummate a relationship between two people who are commited to each other anyway? Maybe we should take a cue from Holland, more and more couples are shying away from marriage because of all the damn emotional baggage. Couples live together, evolve, make babies and break up…or not.. whatever.

I don’t think I am taking a firm stand on the issue as such…like I said..I am just puzzled by it.


7 thoughts on “Wake me up when September ends

  1. tragicomix is sort of right in the sense that our attitude towards sex is changing… but is it changing rapidly enough? I have never heard of dolphins (supposedly some really smart ass animals)ostrasizing each other for have sex with other species (google the term wolphin).

  2. everybody is confused here, or atleast people from India are. I think it is all about how worried society is about the future, and how afraid society is about ‘losing’. If you can break out of that loop, then permarital sex should not be a problem. So are many other associated things, like trying out a chauffeur job, coz you think it is fun.

  3. That wolphin is cute as hell! Them dolphins are always sleeping around- such whores! *wink*True that premarital sex is an individual choice..but how can you just stand there and have your close friends judge you? I think the attitude is all wrong. The choice is personal, but acceptance is key. Ask the gay people…they’ll tell you what its like to really “pay” for a personal choice.

  4. “To cut a long story short, this guy would rather kill a baby than have premarital sex.”Interesting choice of words considering he’d probably have to kill a baby if he didn’t take the right precautions. Oh, I am pro choice, but the word play was too hard to resist.

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