I try

So I read a lot these days…mostly because I don’t have a lot going on.

(I was right!-it sucks to admit that)..I read websites, blogs,fashion mags and novels.

A LOT of them.

I am reading three books simultaneously now. Don’t ask me how. Suffice to say the reasons are geographic.

I finished reading “The Cave” by Jose Saramago…it took me a very very long time to finish, not because the book is thick but because it is heavy on the mind, and quite depressing. He is a Nobel laureate, and has a unique and delightful style of writing. But the book bowled me a googly, because believe it or not, I’d have to read Plato to fully understand it. Plato’s works are very long. So while I am happy that the book has taught me something, I’ll have to delve deeper to learn more.

Those Nobel and Pulitzer winners sure know how to confuse me. But I do like reading something that’s very distinct from my own life.

I also just finished “Asterix en Corse”, my third installment of the bande-desinee written in its original langue. Par Belenos, those imbeciles never fail to crack me up.

I am reading “Ten Men” by Alexandra Gray at a 100mph and the book is exactly what the title says its about. Its a very flamboyant read, but Ladies only, please. I have finished three quarters of the book in less than 24 hours.

I am reading Piccadilly Jim by Wodehouse because I love how his writing is simple without being simplistic.

I am reading the fourth installment of Hitchhiker’s…and it isn’t turning out to be as funny as I’d hoped.

I have to finish all three of these before I start Da Vinci Code…which I will be reading out of nothing but peer pressure.

And after that I intend to get me either Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Coetzee… I hope they don’t depress me more.

And after that I’ll probably convince myself to buy that new book by Ewan McGregor..simply because he is so hopelessly cute.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll inherit my brother’s new Harry Potter book. Of course, the evil genius that is my brother has already ruined it for me by telling me that Snape kills Dumbledore while Harry watches on, powerless. I wonder where he gets that nasty streak from.


9 thoughts on “I try

  1. 3 books eh? Lately I have read the entire Astrix series (purchased on pirated CD)..It comes with movie books & the complete guide to Astrix even. I hope is the same Astrix you are talking about tho.. If not I’ll look really stuupid.

  2. Yeah you’re right.. but the names are different in the original French version. Like Cacophonix in the french book is called Assurancetourix. (In French that means you’d have to get all kinds of insurance to escape his lousy singing)

  3. so snape kills dumbledore..thank you very much.coetzee is depressing..his book on loneliness in london made me want to die.. marquez on the other hand is a delightful romp, a magic roller coaster triumphant emotional ride..read marquez..magic realism will blow your bind

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