Think of me

So, basically, I’ve been ranting like crazed woman about shoes, shoes and shoes (because I love them) for oh I don’t know, about 349 posts. And you think I’d get over it yeah? Funnily enough, there is now a contest for shoe-aholics like me to write an essay (on shoes) and the prizes are, of course, shoes. Hence I’ll no longer rant on shoes here.

Okay moving on…

When I was in London, I shared an apartment with this really cool girl. Really nice girl, good looking Korean born American…we had a lot in common (surprisingly). And we shared a lot of girly giggly moments talking about boys, teddy bears, shopping and several other things that shall not be mentioned outside of the two of us. Every night, I’d come home after one-too-many beers and she, after one too many red wines at 3 in the morning and exchange stories…
“Did you kiss that guy? He is like sooo totally into you!”
“I saw you doing eating that poor guy’s face by the way, very discreet missy!”
“Who cares? Kissing is harmless fun!”

We ate aloo ki sabzee with chicken roasted in soy sauce and pita bread…We even used to eat turkey ham slices right out of the package! We got along like a house on fire.
(Also, one of the first things she ever said to me was “You’ve got the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen… so..I kinda liked her because of that..hehehe)

One time, when I was talking about “this cute guy I know”…she said “What was his name? I think every cute guy should have a name”… She was the first girl I ever spoke to who said that. Girls always say “this guy I know”.. well stop objectifying men..give the poor bloke a name damnnit. She also said “No matter what, you’ll always remember the first guy you ever fell in love with, and the first guy who broke your heart”

Another evening we were busy cramming for the test the next morning, with rose candles, teddy bears, oranges, sangria and soothing music no less.
She looks up and says ” Would you rather be beautiful or cute?”
“Me too, but..what do you think guys think of you…beautiful or cute?”
“Sigh…me too…and I’d rather be beautiful”
“Sigh… too…”

I don’t quite know why I am writing this, except that girl talk can be so much fun! Plus it drives men cuckoo…

Actually I do know… there’s this guy in the office who’s totally cute and keeps giving me “that look”…and I just wanted to tell someone and share a giggle…but there’s noone around. At least noone who’d say, “What’s his name? What’s he like?”


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