Seven days

So Mr.Virdee somehow knew that I would have no plans on Saturday night …and was gracious enough to give me some homework.
These lists are for people who think they know me, or for people who don’t know me. These lists will NOT improve your knowing-me situation one bit.

Seven things I plan to do before I die
1. Play guitar and sing in a rock band, even if its just once (because there wont be a second time)
2. Work full-time for the WWF for at least some time
3. Have a totally designer marriage
4. Have my entire family stay with me abroad
5. Travel to everywhere! ( Includes that sexy aqua bar in Berlin that is oh-so-naughty)
6. Own the most beautiful clothes and shoes from all my favorite designers (with my own dough)
7. Forgive myself for wearing leather

Seven things I CAN do
1. Look sexy without trying too hard
2. Cook food so good that you worship me (better than your mother)
3. Put thoughts in married/attached men (Oh no no.. that’s not good!)
4. Beat any odd guy’s ass in drinking
5. Beat just about anybody in academics
6. Speak 9 languages to various degrees of fluency
7. Just about anything that isnt in the “i cant do” list below.

Seven things I CAN’T do
1. Ask a guy out (this is more of a “wont”)
2. Tell my parents that I love them
3. Save money
4. Give someone the benefit of the doubt
5. Play sports without getting my ass whooped
6. Control my temper
7. Eat meat anymore

Seven things I say most
1. Fuck! Bitch! Whore! Fucker! Asshole! Assface! Asswipe! ( and in 9 languages too)
2. How do I look?
3. …Aur kya chal raha hai?/What else is up?
4. I went shopping today…
5. Chalo then, you take care of yourself ok?
7. Oh my god that is soooo cool!

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex.
1. Looks (includes eyes, smile, hair, nose, hands, shoulders,butt..)
2. Flirtatiousness
3. Being a Mumbaikar or Italian
4. Fashion sense ( he be knowin em Zegnas from his Pradas)
5. Worshipping me
6. Shared ideas
7. The possibility of making pretty children?
(Okay…I just made this list up..I have no idea what I am attracted to)

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine!)
2. Shah Rukh Khan (Pyaar kartee ho mujhse?sabse jyaada)
3. Ewan McGregor (I can have his children)
4. Matthew Perry (We can laugh and snort coke together)
5. Ashton Kucher (for sex only please)
6. Ben Stiller (cute and has a sense of humour?!)
7. Salma Hayek (its hero-worship, okay?)

Wanna know more? I think not…



8 thoughts on “Seven days

  1. Hey, you run a pretty nice blog. If you’re interested in wholesale, you can check out this site for some information on making money at home, wholesale sources and cheap cars and electronics.

  2. hehehe.. i thought tu thodi pagal hai… tu toh poori pagal hai… :-)aacha hai, normal log bhot boring aur bhot danger hote hain bidu… aapun ko ziada pasand bhi nahi… (do i sound like cheapu bombay-ite)V…

  3. When you say:~ “Fuck! Bitch! Whore! Fucker! Asshole! Assface! Asswipe!” Do you say them all at one go like a poem or do you spit them one by one in a more malicous manner? Now that would be insightful

  4. Oh crap..yeah that is my ultimate most frequently used sentence! (and yet see how typical of me to “forget” it)Virdee- Aapka andaaza sahi hai! Paagalpan is my manufacturing defect. kya be..bombayite banneka try maar-rela hai..chalta hai kya nau se baara? *wink*AJ-Even if it was a poem I can assure it would read more like a curse interdispersed with several mentions of STDs,immediate family,animal excrement and other pleasantries.

  5. lol.. dat was funny??..hehhehe.. d best was u can make a married guy int in u.. ehehe.. tried dat uh??.. salma hayek.. gosh.. i just got reminded of dat antonio bondoris ( wat ever his spelling is).. did hayak look hot..!! was it once upon a time in mexico??

  6. Ermm..”dat was funny?” are you asking or telling? =)Yeah..I did “try” was involuntary on my part however.*wink*Antonio Banderas is smokin’ hot. and yes.. it was Desperado and Once upon a time in Mexico.

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