Sometimes some people just know how to say the right things, the nice things, the things that make you feel so damn good about yourself. Maybe I am a little shallow, but a compliment can just brighten my world! Because I don’t fish for compliments,(unlike some people I know), by deprecating myself so that people are forced to say something nice to me to salvage me from the plummeting into clinical depression, I can savour the genuine compliments when they come by.
Example of a not-genuine compliment
Stupid girl 1: Oh my God, I am soooooo fattttt.
Stupid girl 2: No wayyyyy!!!! You’re so thin, you’re perfect.
Stupid girl 1: Really? Thanks.(gushes)
Me: Oh my God, I totally didnt see that one coming!Get a life, you predictable numbskulls.

Anyway back to the sujet de…
So I was sitting there watching dinner and struggling to finish my German homework, when this ad came on for a John Lennon compilation CD. As if it was involuntary, I crooned soulfully, “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…”And my roommate says,” So how you don’t pursue singing?You have a really nice voice for singing certains types of songs”..I was a little stunned, so I said “My voice is so bass, it sounds a little boyish.”(my voice is husky..the pizza hut hotline guy sometimes calls me “Sir”)
Basically, it turns out that when I sing along to Rockstar Inxs or for that matter anything that my computer is playing, I actually sound good. She expressed concern that none of my university bands had discovered me. I wish she was joking, because there are certain things I am not mentally prepared for, but she wasn’t. It took a while to sink in.
Wheeeee.. I told her I would follow through with that decision I made to learn playing the guitar. ( I am yet to enroll but whatever)
Sometimes, all you need is a little confidence. Everyone around me will hear more from me now, and they don’t like it, they know whom to blame. If they like it, then I’ll be charging for the autographs.


4 thoughts on “Imagine!

  1. Slowly but surely I delve deeper into the captivating posts on your blog. Very interesting! Should pick up the guitar… you already have a song ready and looking for a tune….Its co-incidences of all co-incidences but I am looking to pick up a new guitar myself and had a look at a few this weekend. I tried your song to “Swallowed in the sea”. …. ummm think i need a demo πŸ˜‰

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