Ever since I’ve shifted to my new role, I’ve had not a steady lunch buddy. I eat alone everyday. Barring the very rare occassion of meeting an ex-colleague or some ol mate from univ…I eat alone.
I’m not insecure about it. I am not ashamed of myself and I don’t huddle in a corner behind the pages of a book hoping noone will notice me. True I do read occassionally during lunch but I’m perfectly comfortable without a crutch. I notice so many women out there eating alone being so ashamed of it. So insecure. What’s the big deal?
There is this little coffee shop that sells this Indian set meal and I normally eat there. Its outdoors so its nice to be out of the airconditioned environment. The food’s good too. But the damn stall owners, they judge me like nobody’s business. “One set??” “Having here?” So many times I’ve seen them smother their laughs. Whats so terrible about eating lunch alone? Just because you think I’m some lonely girl who lives with her cats and practises voodoo on her enemies doesn’t make me one.
Sod off and just give me my lunch,ok? I’m paying for the meal but somehow the judgement is complimentary.

See,we were all born alone (except those twins and all).And even with the boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and all those people you hate, you can’t have them around you all the time.

Sometimes, I am alone on weekends..and I just take myself out for a stroll, some shopping and I treat myself to a nice dinner and a good cheesecake. And yes, the waiters judge me with their “Table for one?”. They think I need the company and keep bothering me with the “How is the pasta ma’am?” and “I trust the dessert is OK ma’am?” which they hardly ever do when there’s a handsome date by my side!
I am simply puzzled by the arbitrary assumptions that they make on seeing a girl enjoying some alone time with herself. If I’m secure enough to not surround myself with a bunch of friends in order to have a good time, why should anyone else mind?

Coupla weeks ago, I had 2 free tickets to a concert. I asked around and noone was free. So I simply put on a great outfit, hailed myself a cab and had a good time! I was a special guest at the concert, had a frontrow seat, had backstage access, free food, the works. “So you went alone?” Like hell I did. I didn’t enjoy myself any less.

There’s a friend of mine who is never embarassed in public, his policy is “You’ll never see the same people again.They’re all strangers anyway”…

You don’t need someone by your side to get drenched in the rain or listen to your favorite songs or have surgery. (okay, maybe not the surgery)
So I say relax and don’t be afraid of being alone once in a while. “Table for one” means you never have to wait too long.

Oh and by the way, Its Onam today! so here’s wishing all Mallus (genuine or honorary) a very happy Onam!


17 thoughts on “alone

  1. i must admit i’m sometimes one of those people who love having lunch with a friend..i can’t stand shopping alone either (i need a second opinion since i seem to suffer frm temporary insanity quite often)but having said that, i also do love being alone by myself at the long journey back home frm uni..just me, my thoughts, my music and a scone.ahh bliss!

  2. Hear hear. I say, go girl!If I have a choice, I’ll always like company. But if I dont, should I beg some moron to accompany me? No. I can take care of myself.Everyone is office is asking me.. “So u went to Macau alone? ALONE?” You bet I did! And I had a swell time!

  3. i don like being all alone by myself always but yes there r times wen i love shutting out d world i know.. putting on loud music and pampering myself..!! people around me think i am strane wen i ask them to leave me alone coz i like to be alone..some people never understand d fun of being with yourself and talking to yourself..!!

  4. but how is it that everytime that friend says “You’ll never see the same people again.They’re all strangers anyway”…u always disagree?!!see…these are wise words from a wise person…

  5. somethings are just better done alone. Sure its nicer to have people around for some events but I do enjoy my own time when i have the chance. ’bout being born alone, most of us will die alone too… unless there is a horrible freakish accident…

  6. lol… couldn’t stop laughing…you’re honesty (with yourself) is hillarious if you know what I mean.Anyway… in context with this post…It is loneliness that leads to thoughts, thoughts to curiosity, and curiosity to discovery and realisation.

  7. It’s fun… being alone… thats what I mean to say basically.And I kinda picturised while reading — you having dinner alone… going to a concert alone… trying to get a cab…in a flash of a second your life flashed in front of my eyes…Sweet.You exist… huh?

  8. As I was reading this post, I was like “Oh My GOD!I am not the ony one who is like this” :)I feel no embarrasement in goin somewhere alone.Esp if its sth I love doing.Like walk the stretch of orchard road or sit and watch the sunset at esplanade.Sometimes I do crazy things like get drenched or walk ard w a hat. and like ur friend said”You’ll never see the same people again.They’re all strangers anyway”…nice to know some1 like me :)//Table for one” means you never have to wait too long.I so totaally agree with tt

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