Don’t stop

First things first, my absolutely fabulous friend Androjane has dedicated a post to me. I am blushing and gushing to no end. I rarely have hyperlinks in my blog but who can resist this huh? AJ’s blog is fantastic and cut-throat frank. (We likey!)… Unexpected? Yes! Sweet? Yes! Brightens up my morning? You betcha! “If YOU were a song, what song would it be?”

Yesterday I made two decisions at lightning speed…something I never usually do. And I am awefully pleased with myself.

Decision 1: Levi’s has a sale. Sexy (but bordering on trashy) red mesh on denim wedges circa last season. Half Price. I lapped it up like a hungry kitten would, a bowl of milk.

Decision 2: Grandpa wants to come to visit me. I say Diwali’s a good time. I glance at the calendar. Two holidays in one week. Hmmm. “Granpa, change of plan..I’m coming to Bombay.”I wait for the perfect time after lunch to sheepishly ask my boss for leave. She says yes. I call the travel agent for tickets. She says Confirmed.
Yipeee! is an understatement. I can hardly wait. Not to mention, a year’s supply of brownie points has been earned.

Decision1 now makes it hard for me to stomach the $250 pumps that I am about to buy. (second shoe purchase in less than a week)
Decision2 makes it hard for me to save any money for that impending Europe trip…and that will piss off my favorite uncle to no end.

No regrets!

I think this post runs like a telegram stop I can’t help it stop i write it the way it runs in my head stop oh for god’s sake stop!


15 thoughts on “Don’t stop

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  2. Jumpy Jups….firstly, being instantaneous at shopping…well its not the first time, really!! remember………u bought a 12 pack of Body shop stuff at some sale once…ha ha hahey Mahi,do u knw any way i can get tix?? I gs tix must be selling at cheap price in NTU n NUS….

  3. oh dear dear jumpy jups….it ain’t no slander…..i was right there when u got it! don’t u remember the stunned (yet thrilled abt the bumper sale) look on the salesgirl’s face???!!!

  4. On scatteredness~ It happens to all of us! But do enjoy your holidays ok?Recently I have been listening too much to your song. I would like to paint a mental picture of you but I think I will wait till I gather enough stalker information heh.. heh.. heh… Not worried yet?

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