Seven years in Tibet

Encore! I’ve been tagged by Mahi to do this, and since I’ve already done parts of it before. But these new bits are quirky.

Seven Random Facts about me

-On weekends I like to eat without brushing my teeth
-When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and have plastic surgery on my nose.
-I bitchslapped a man in public once.
-I gave my Dad an Omega watch for his 25th wedding anniversary, something he’d been wanting since forever.
-I believe in woman’s liberation,but I love all things old-school like flowers, dinner dates, being escorted formally and I hate going Dutch.
-I still limp, and that doesn’t stop me from wearing stilettoes and dancing all night.
-I had a dream where I frenched Ronan Keating in Victorian England. It was the first dream of the sort. I was convinced he was the one for me, until, of course, the day he got married. *Sniff*

Seven Things That Scare Me

-Losing my family
-Lizards and frogs
-Paranoia of suffering from an illness (and not knowing about it)
-Being 50 and having nothing to show for, except the two brats I popped.
-Losing my hair,its like half of my personality.
-That if I try to lose weight, I’ll end up shapeless,disproportionate and shrivelled. EEKS
-Making ALL the wrong choices in life

Seven Important Things In My Room

-Poopsie-my perfect-size-for-hugging teddy bear
-Butterscotch-my computer
-My Jigsaw puzzles
-Tabasco sauce, for eating tv dinners with
-My magic wardrobe, and all its fabulous treasures.
-My Bed, with a billion pillows and stuffed animals.
-My bedside table, with its roomy drawers, for packing in all the nonsense.

Seven Things I Like
-Doing ridiculous Teletubby impressions with my brother and irritating my mom to no end.
-Going back home
-Beaches…I want to visit all the beautiful beaches of the world in my lifetime.
-Food- all kinds and I love experimenting in the kitchen.
– Working with cheerful people, wishing and getting wished “good morning” and cracking jokes at work.
-Movies, at the cinema, or rented CDs at home, love movies.

Its so much fun coming up with this stuff..its like writing an autobiography in précis. Anyway, I should tag some people now. The last time I didn’t tag here goes. Feel free to hate me if you think this is a steaming pile of cowdung.


Ermm.. can I get away with tagging less than seven? Sure I can!


17 thoughts on “Seven years in Tibet

  1. Bitch slapped a man in public! *gulp* why?Women’s lib…..yet hate going dutch. What you want a millionaire for a boyfriend.(forget it! Rhetoric question)You dont brush you teeth on weekends!! Eeeeks!Whats with your nose?

  2. “That if I try to lose weight, I’ll end up shapeless,disproportionate and shrivelled.”Hmmmm.. now that reminds us of someone, doesnt it precious? ;)Ok ok.. shall not be bitchy on your blog ;)Sorry dahling, but I’ve already done the 7 things post :DMuahahahahaSaurabh: “A millionaire for a boyfriend?” Is that even a question??!!Do you know any millionaires btw? 😉

  3. Saurabh- I am bad tempered. Hope that answers ;)I hate going Dutch because there is a certain charm in a man picking up his woman,taking her to a restaurant. That charm is ruined when the man says “Right, you owe me $34.75″I do brush, eventually. heheMy nose? Its horrible. But I don’t want to change it anymore.Casa-that’s a shame, i did wanna know what scares you. (devilish grin)

  4. How bad tempered could you be to bitch slap a guy in public!I agree that charm of picking up the girl and taking her out for a lovely evening still exists and it can still be made possible whilst sharing simply by reversing roles every now and then. We dont mind being taken out once a while too you know. Personally even I hate ‘dividing’ the cheque after dinner and I make it a point to pay for everyone and settle later rather than over the table. But then you should be lucky to have friends as I do.’Eventually’ – everyone brushes!!Casa : I could be a millionaire today if you wish! 😉

  5. Saurabh, I don’t think WHEN you split the cheque is an issue here. Basically, its not a date if the guy didn’t pay. That’s it. (Not talking about friends’ gatherings)And where’s the charm in reversing roles. Girl picks guy up, pays the bill…isnt that super butch? I don’t believe in butch. I also don’t believe a girl should propose to a guy. That’s butch supreme. You know what? This is a fun debate. I think Ill do a post on it rather than clog up the comments space.

  6. Casa : Well I could be a millionaire everyday but would that alone suffice? Dropz : Hmmmm interesting it is but I can’t write on your blog? Charm at what price my lady? it’s charming if the girl enjoys it but what about the guy?

  7. Of couse you can! Why do you think comments are for. I am the one who rambles on.Well…what about the guy..I know most guys don’t mind if the dinner is paid for by the girl,(why would they)..but I am a lady..and I’ll never go on a date (esp.first date) if I am expected to pay for both. On the other hand, women should treat men to home-cooked food. Free of charge of course. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but some things are perfect as they are.I am not saying it happens. But what’s wrong in dreaming?

  8. Haan the home cooked food and arranging the whole setting for a home cooked meal …. I think thats what I would like to do more than allow the girl to do it. First date rules : Ofcourse!!Only a dummy would go on a first date and expect the girl to pay! What my point was that in a relationship it shouldnt always be the guy taking the girl out but both ways … thats all! :-SWhich brings me to the topic of women and equality! bah! I think I should let that one be shouldnt I ? 🙂

  9. I seriously sincerely believe that some things are just best as they always were, like Jupiter said.They’re just beautiful.But i really don’t think money should be an issue. Shouldn’t matter who pays.There was this girl I met earlier this year. We decided to go out for dinner. I picked her up from her house. It was the end of the month and I was broke… dead broke.But I didn’t wanna miss the dinner with her. So picked her up, said, I had no money. She took out a grand from her purse, asked me to keep it. I asked why?She said… “I just want you to pay.”:)Lol… I kissed her right there and then…Anyway… besides the point, but a month later she decided to leave me and go back to her ex boyfriend.

  10. I like your ideas on homecooked food! “Being 50 and having nothing to show for, except the two brats I popped.” Well firstly you would have this wonderfilled blog (eventho this post’s title is a movie not a song title) & lots and lots of shoes!You should really take pictures of your shoes… And Name them! just like butterscotch! lol..BTW I Accept you challenge (tho I have been tagged for this MEME as well). I Trying to reword the 7’s tho..

  11. AJ, my dear, 7 years in Tibet is a song/album by David Bowie.You have no idea how times the thought of photographing them has crossed my mind. ;-)Casa- Carrie and Charlotte are the poster girls for shoelovers everywhere. $40,000…at $500 per Blahnik, that’s 80 pairs. Thats frikking nuts!

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