take me home

Oh God…What a horrible horrible Monday. Overslept, came to work late looking like something the cat threw up. Eyes are bloodshot for no particular reason. And my shoe’s scratched. I’m pissed off. And I assure you my always-in-time-for-Monday periods have nothing to do with it. NOTHING! I am now inclined to postulate the following postulate. Let this be known as the Butterscotch Postulate…
The suckiness of your Monday is directly proportional to the amount of fun had during the weekend prior.

Whatever. I should have just called in sick. But I knew there’d be a shitload of work pending. Damn my conscience. Maybe its Karma man… I passed on this company initiative to help autistic kids. The whole frikking company went. And I didn’t. Hey, if you were working with the kinda turds I work with, you’d skip out on the opportunity to have your weekend crapped on too-no matter how gratifying. So yeah, I ate and slept and shopped and ate and slept– while the rest of my colleagues prepared garish decorations and games for the kids. (Made with the brightest fluorescent colors outside of Elton John, they could have given normal kids convulsions.) Anyway, I won’t diss them further, its just that I hate them. So I don’t give a rat’s ass if they helped a few poor kids if they can’t be nice to a sweet little angel like moi. Fuck them.

And besides, I have come to believe that its absolutely useless to try and find fulfilment in charity and helping others. If you can’t find happiness in yourself, you’ll never find it anywhere. So I’m not going to feel guilty about it. I skipped out. But hey, I taught my student at home. Yeah, I got paid for it. But if I make her pass her Physics, that’ll make me happy too.

Oh well, if I’m going to hell anyway…

Can I go home now?


4 thoughts on “take me home

  1. casa-well said, and totally appropriate.con-*blush*Karuna- I sometimes enjoy the solitary weekend that involves rented movies and microwave pizza, being zen with myself.Btw, I have a cousin with the same name.

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