Where is the love

Crazy crazy world eh?

Virus pandemics may arise from birds. Thank God I turned vegetarian. Now all I need to stay away from is half-eaten birdfeed.

Humans got HIV from monkeys and you shake your fist at that demented tormented soul who had to go fuck a monkey and end up fucking us all a bajillion times over. Who’d have thought…?

Hurricanes everywhere, where did they come from and why are there so many of them all of a sudden!

North Korea’s a slut, teasing all those diplomats into believing and then saying ..Ermm..No thanks.Buh-bye now.

Bali gets bombed, again. Oh come on, its gonna be allright. After all George W and UN have condemned the attack. “Bad terrorist! Bad terrorist! You don’t get pudding tonight. Go to your room!”

Yeah right. Well, I condemn bad fashion, the death of chivalry, degradation of the environment and the AIDs-giving monkey-fucker. Boo fucking hoo..like my condemnation will change anything.

Where did we go wrong? Right, Humans-the fallacy of evolution. If only the dolphins had stepped up to rightfully claim the Earth as theirs. At least they have smiling faces. And its hard to disembowel fellow dolphins with a smiling face.

(These are my opinions, they may or may not be (politically) correct..so you can kiss my ass because I didn’t make the world, I’m just laughing at it.)


11 thoughts on “Where is the love

  1. Its funny how over time & especially our generation, is becoming so immune to catastrophies and destruction/degradation of the planet and life forms. We dont look at ‘terrorist attacks’ or ‘hurricanes’ as much in awe as one might have a few years back. My personal reaction to most of the disasters is ‘Uh! Hmm…. another one! Well life moves on!’ … Modern deinition of sensitivity and compassion seems to be related more to one’s self now. The bubble shrinks and rapidly so…

  2. Casa- Yes, it broke my heart too.Saurabh-I hope you didn’t mistake my attempted satire for apathy. The world is very depressing place.Anyway, I, for one are terrified of natural disasters, I missed the recent tsunami by two hours. No, really, I did.But yes, you’re right in saying that compassion is lacking in humans. It was always the case. For fellow humans, for animals, for trees. Its lacking sorely.”A long time ago in England a guy named Thomas Culpepper was hanged, beheaded, quartered, and disemboweled. Why do I have the impression women were not involved in these activities?”-George Carlin

  3. nature’s just getting at back at us for screwing her over.it has to be the ONLY explanation for the nonsense thats going on.except for the guy who gifted us with aids.what an idiot. he just HAD to go and make life that much more harder.

  4. the worlds comin to an end one day at a time. its a slow torture that its inflicting on us for all the crap we;ve put out for all these years. we’re gettin it all back. Poetic Justice, i would say….

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