Honest questions

You know how sometimes you get a gift or you win something, that you don’t really care much for… but hey its free, so what the heck..then you wear/use it, and someone else really likes what you’re wearing/using ..i mean like they realllllllllllly like it and they ask you where you got it blah blah… so you impulsively say , “What the heck? you can have it if you want!” and the person is delighted, and now you realise this thing must be valuable/cool if this person wants it so bad, so you don’t really want to give it to them anymore…and you kick yourself for offering it to them but you have to keep your word, and then secretly you hate them just a tiny bit for taking that cool object away from you in your weakest moment? You know?

Yeah, that’s never happened to me but all you bastards reading this and nodding in agreement, you’re all going to hell.


16 thoughts on “Honest questions

  1. Hmmmm… no hasnt happened to me either :)And what wondering till the last line, what is it that this girl has to part with, coz it didnt sound like you at all. Of course, unless said ‘object’ is a guy…

  2. theres nothin wrong wit being a bitch. go ahead. rip everybodys head off…and y dont u like the pic? if u invert the colors its actually quite a plesant pic. thats y i said its my dark side.

  3. the cowboy pic was taken on the day on which for the whole day i had to be ‘clint eastwood’.kinda corny i know. but anything to kill the monotony of life…was good fun actually…

  4. Lol… mad woman!Actually it happened to me once. I used to have this damn damn damn cool pendant which i used to wear. I mean it was cool enough for people to walk up to me and tell me, “That’s so cool.” Imagine… I was standing at the bar, and this fat fucking woman came and started chatting me up. I was sloshed… she kept on asking for my pendant… and eventually i took it off and gave it to her.Next morning remembered what I had done. Promised myself if I see her again I’ll ask for it back… rather snatch it back…It’s been more than a year, I’ve never seen her.damn.And oh yeah… i hate her!

  5. this is all hen cackle.. guys would sort it all out with a simple fight. just butt one horn against the other, and whoever doesnt die, gets the said gift, and the opponents wife.

  6. sorry dear, i’m too holy & spiritual for all that stuff.. Besides, I only give out junk i don;t need/want & hang on thightly to the rest…. No regrets. No remorse..

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