She hates me

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Cunt! Bitch! Whore!

I am so fucking pissed off. I had the worst experience yesterday. I got off work early yesterday evening, so I thought to myself, Desperate Housewives doesn’t start until 9 so I can get a pedicure. So I shuffled into this spa and asked for an express pedi (as opposed to a regular pedi)
For the uninitiated women, and all straight men, an express pedicure is exactly what it sounds like- its faster, cheaper and great great news if you schedule dates at the very last minute. Please note that I don’t do them because they’re cheaper, I do them because they’re quicker. But this little bitch of a pedicurist tries to convince to take the full package (which takes an hour) by making fun of my feet.
“Why don’t you get a full pedicure? You have a lot of dead skin”
(The nerve on her to mock my beautiful tiny feet. The Jups, she is very confident of her seductive feet)
“No, I am rushing to get home and I know that would take an hour”
“Well, when do you have to get there by?”
(Like its any of her fucking business)
“as soon as possible, so maybe some other time”

An interesting fact about the mani/pedi experience is that a lot of women become intimately close with the manicurists and talk about life, boyfriends, work yadda yadda blah blah..
I don’t. Honestly, I feel no obligation to share my life with some no-good loser just because she’s painting my nails. I’m paying for it, okay? So, my usual drill is to ask for some stupid beauty magazine and read for the following articles which are repeated over and over and over in every single issue.

  • Ten ways to lose weight (by gagging, binging, drinking, starving, eating, sex, etc)
  • Five ways to pleasure your man (For mature audiences only, and please don’t read during meals)
  • Meet four women who dumped their men (wow! AND THEIR REASONS)
  • Ten reasons why breasts are not important. (Read the rivetting tales of some (no offence) flat-chested woman)
  • Six dresses that make your breasts look bigger (Yeah, I don’t get it either)
  • Shopping tips, Make-up tips, fashion updates. ( My fave)

Anyway back to my spa nightmare. She proceeds to clean out my existing purple nail color (which looked very nice by the way) and then disappears. I continue reading…four women who made men cry by saying “I don’t”…fascinating. Ten minutes.
“Err, excuse me?”
“One moment please, I’m collecting payment from another customer”
Five minutes…
Gucci’s new Charmbracelet…I must have that. I must.
Prada’s ad campaign is lame. And Guess’s is cheap.
Holy shit that dress is magnifique…Gucci..I worship thee.

Enough. My blood is boiling. I quietly pick up my bag, put on my shoes and go to the counter.
“I’m sorry but you’ve been keeping me waiting for FIFTEEN MINUTES and I have to go”


I was too angry to say anything, because if I had, I’d probably get arrested for hurling profanities. ( No serious, some woman was actually arrested yesterday for swearing). I called my boyfriend immediately. Didn’t get through. Screw that shit. Dialled fucking Hong Kong and cursed and cursed and cursed over long distance. I was yelling “THAT BITCH LEFT MY NAILS UNPAINTED”

Went back home, got a pizza on the way. Couldn’t finish it. Losing weight these days, so no appetite. Bitch ruined my dinner. Unforgiveable.

The wrath of Jupiter has been called upon. (No serious, he was one of the most foul-tempered Greek Gods). The revenge shall be swift and painful. The revenge of the pedicure. Filing soon at a theatre near you.


12 thoughts on “She hates me

  1. You shoulda just given the bitch a piece of your mind!!! Just go there next time, and point to this female and say “I’ll get a pedicure, by anyone BUT her”. Serious, she deserves it!

  2. what a BIATCH!woman. i could feel HUGE rage vibes from your post.jeezus christ i’d have smashed a couple things around if i were you (ok, no i wouldn’t have, but that wouldnt have stopped me from fantasizing about it)gawd!where is this place?! boycott it!damn those pedi time whores.DAMN THEM TO HELL!

  3. OOoooh You are so mad. You know, you should go back there and demand to see the manager & complain complain complain, in a even toned manner but throwing in all the same profanities you used. Then explain that if something isnt done about the bitch, you will proceed to use your connections to inform the public of their inferior services. If she doesn’t get fired or something, atleast she will has a rotten day like you. Cheer up! On a lighter note, I always wanted to get a manicure/pedicure but it would seriously be too gay even for me!

  4. You poor thing. Parlour women can be bitches, wierd how they’re the same everywhere! Only go there for haircuts, which they screw up everytime! So glad i have to see them only once in 3 months.

  5. Giggles..AJ- men can get em! Its nice to be groomed no matter what the gender…Casa-Went to Nail Addiction today. Fave nails is on my list =DKaruna-Manicurists are bitches but hairstylists are scary evil geniuses! I am shit scared of haircuts!Saurabh-Avenged myself temporarily =D…you’ll know how.

  6. Are you women serious! We are talking about toe nails here right, I mean TOE TAILS. Jeez, yeah, she did not give the best service, and thats reason to be mildly annoyed, but this post is like the new advert series in Orchard about PMS! – too afraid to incur Jupiter’s wrath by identifying myself

  7. Anon-Agreed its just nails, but bad customer service is not excusable. No. We’re talking about making a client wait without giving any prior warning. An apology is obviously warranted, and was not given! Haven’t seen the new ads you’re talking about, but will look out for em. (although PMS jokes are so passe)*I can only assume you’re a man

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