Given that I’m an extremely superficial, shallow little bitch, its not hard to imagine how thrilled I am right now. Especially if right now happens to be ten minutes after having gotten a kickass pedicure in luscious luscious purple ( I swear to God, everytime I stare at my toes, I feel like eating grapes!). Especially if right now happens to be ten minutes after having signed up to 5 (that’s right FIVE) manicures and pedicures for only 150 dollars. Pittance, my friend, pittance!
But enough of the nail update…One more day to the weekend. Yippitey Yay!

My stupid phone’s dying on me, and I’m on the prowl for a new one…Wondering if I should change from the Nokia staple. All this because the alarm function in my phone doesn’t work. I am a little too spoilt for my own good. Three more days to salary day, I am down to my last dime. And yet, the feeling of having splurged a good deal on nails is such a great one.

Can’t blame me…if you bit your nails for twenty years and woke up one morning to the possibility that you COULD attract attention with pretty nails, you’d be like this too. I mean hello? it took me frikkin twenty years to listen to something my mom had been screaming about!
“You look like a leper with your fingers all chewed up!”
“Don’t tell me what to do and what not to do!”
“I’m gonna rub chilli on your fingers!”
“ya, whatever………”

Oops! she did rub chilli on my fingers…and boy did I pay! My fingers got red and swollen and then allergy and itching..It was ugly. Not to mention getting bitchslapped *smack* when I’d least expect it.

Its a highly boring day at work today, and I have nothing to write about. Except about how broke I am. Went to have drinks the other day with a friend and he was out 150$ in one night. What the fuck! Half of that’s mine. And IM BROKE!

Anyway, I can’t think straight right now, not with Mr.Brightside running in my head. That song is so wrong….its turning me on! Damn it, get a hold on yourself!

(don’t you just love songs that put pictures in your head?)


12 thoughts on “Mr.Brightside

  1. Ooooh. Revenge of a different sort. And I thought they put chilli only till age 3-4 when children won’t give up sucking their thumbs.Hey mail me the song if you will…. sounds interesting.

  2. Mr Brightside is my ultimate song for 2005 (i doubt any song can beat it this year).Listen to “all the things that i’ve done” & “smile like you mean it” by the killers as well. Not that edgy, but definately great lyrics. It takes weeks to figure what each song is about and then argue my case with my baby.

  3. i used to bite my nails too, until my mom smacked me everytime she caught me.boy did that take care of it!hahaobssessed about nails, i am. i was the only prefect in school who had longer nails than the delinquents

  4. AJ- Spot on, the Killers are the biggest phenomenon of 2005! And I got the other two songs too. But somehow, Brightside is a HUGGGE turn-on..what with all the pent-up frustration and the sexual energy…Casa-Yes, cow is what I meant. Giggle, but I love the double take missy.Mahi-You gave it up too? God were we separated at birth or what!Ask Casa how many times she’s smacked me! Damn!I think we should have a forum and discuss music more often, I am genuinely amazed at how many of us like the same kinda music.Muchas Besos!

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