I wake up. No big deal.
I get dressed. No big deal.
I take bus to work. No big deal.
I get off the bus. No big deal.
I see Hrithik Roshan across the street. *screeching car brakes on flow of thought*

Ayyyyyyy! Its Hrithik! And he is smouldering. He is the hotness. He is tan like fuckin mocha. He has long hair like frikkin Steven Tyler! He is infra-red. He is causing global warming, people! Save the polar bears!

Well, Im not the biggest Hrithik fan, I would never cheat on SRK like that. But anyone who has anything to do with dancing ought to respect Hrithik for his deligence and his talent. His guy can kick anyone’s ass in dancing! And so, I respect him…(I also respect the fact that his shirt was open to the fourth button, but focus okay?)

I need his autograph, no pen dammnit!
I wanna speak to him, no balls damnnit!
Just look, Jups, don’t touch. And move on with your sorry life.

Didn’t wanna repeat the whole Stephen Gately episode where I mumbled some gibberish and all he could do was smile graciously. “I I I I…..you.. uhhh.. I..lyrics..I..you..*sheepish giggle* “

Its not neccessarily an attraction to the opposite sex…I guess celebrities have that charisma, the x-factor that mere mortals have nothing on. They shine and preen in a sea of befuddled uggos. Sigh.

Going shopping tonight to cool off…Shopping’s a great way to forget about the gaping hole in your soul, don’t you think?

Now please excuse me while I blot the puddle of saliva on my keyboard.


13 thoughts on “Ignition

  1. Interesting reactions these! I can’t quite relate to them as Bombay gives you enough number of these buggers to gawk at and salivate all over. I personally have never been able to understand the euphoria surrounding them. To me if they dont do something that interests me, they’re just ordinary folk. Though some of them would make some interesting Coffee conversationlists. Dont mind chatting up Naseeruddin Shah or a Boman Irani. Any National Geographic Photographer is bigger than SRK or Bollywood bimbette for me…Tip : Ask them for a pen next time and get a scribble on your tee/top.:-)

  2. I know! Can’t take a trip to south bombay without bumping into a ShahRukh or a Salman. hehehehe…I don’t mind chatting up any of them.Ahem, On my top? don’t give me ideas okay? Coz my mind is a gutter.(^o^)

  3. Not much of a fan (srk or hritik) had my share of glitz and glam annually at malhar (our college festival)and random fashion shows i accquire passes to and really theyre all just blah.

  4. Oh im wit ya on this one. Well, even i wouldnt wanna cheat on SRK, hrithik is just some serious hot stuff! Saw him during IIFA. His humble smile and ready-to-make-you-go-crazy eyes just made me freeze at my seat as he sat just two seats infront of me. I seriously had NO idea how to react. Felt exactly the way you did! So i get what u mean sistah! =DNice blog btw. =)

  5. Karuna-You’re made of a stronger fibre than my materialistic being. Okay you can make fun of me now…here it comes..*clears her throat*..I NEVER WENT TO MALHAR! *goes and hides under the table*Medha-Aloha, You rich brat! You sat near His Hotness!?? Oh man!

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