Sick and tired

The morning was absolute oppression. The stomach’s in a tiiiizzaaaahhhh. Oh well. Taking the day off work. Writing poems in the bathroom. Bad poems.

Oh well, spoke home for more than an hour. Can’t figure out what’s wrong with my anatomy. The body’s been rejecting all food. Anyway, as my body and mind are incapable of coherence, I leave me this mess of a song I cooked up.

Too many questions

Will you surrender,
Or will I give in,
Will you say you’re wrong,
Will I let you win?

Do I still love you,
Do you really care,
What great love we had,
Is it still..still there?


Will you come back,
Will I return,
Or are we doomed
To crash and burn?

Will I move on now,
Will you go away,
Yet will we wonder
If we should have stayed?

Did you run away,
Or did I bail out,
Couldn’t we be nice, when
All we did was shout?


Do you miss me yet,
Do I want you back,
What good it does being apart,
Theres no sense in that.

There’s no sense in love,
Like there’s none in fight,
There no point to this
All,no wrong or right.



Don’t blame me, blame the 7 am diarrhoea. (Be nice to the sick bathroom poet..groaannn)

Not today, Mr.Martin, today’s not good for me. If I’m really lucky, maybe the backstreet boys will sing it.


9 thoughts on “Sick and tired

  1. well I think your misery brings with it a spark of creativity. Good song I say!I am still awaiting the last song to be released… put together a few chords, strummers and give us a song!Get well soon!

  2. I think it would do well as a james blunt style song… I’m listening to James & singing it in my head & it really matches! You take care gurl!

  3. Am sorry, my dear, to hear about the tummy. I hope you’re doing better now. :)And for a bathroom singer(?)/songwriter you’re doing a bangup job of it then, aren’t you? I like – loads!

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