There’s nothing that fills me with despair quite as much as the thought of waking up early on a Monday morning. The earth-shattering and immensely fruity alarm of my ugly mobile phone fills my heart with irritation and grief. Ten more minutes, pretty please?
The crack-of-dawn meeting went surprisingly well and I do believe that the strong-as-hell coffee that I shot down my throat as the big cheese entered had something to do with it. My eyes were nearly out of their sockets through the entire half hour. Oh well. That’s that. I always make a good impression in front of the really big cheeses…they seem to like me. And that’s so depressing because they’re either coming or going and they’re never gonna be my sugardaddies. If only.
The week previous was very intense on the wallet-two pairs of shoes and a bag, among other things like a huge (and excrutiatingly expensive) box of saffron and all those god-aweful nuts and raisins that should never be put in food. Ugh. The good news is that I managed to finish most of mom’s shopping list.

I had to make a trip to Orchard just to use up these 20$ vouchers. Why is there an expiry on these miserable things? Why can’t people give something away and give it away for good? Why put a fucking expiry date on it?

It was wonderful that Mango to run out of the one damn dress I was dying to buy! What an equally wonderful occassion for them not to stock up on my size in the teeshirts I did like!
Ended up buying a pair of shoes that I didn’t like too much just to use up the damn vouchers. And then I realised I was supposed to get something for my mom in that very mall. I think I might just die from the guilt.

And if that isn’t enough, I was thinking all week “Something is on next week, 28th Oct is ringing an obscure bell…there is something there…but I can’t remember”

Dad called “So… we’ll hold off my birthday celebrations until you get here”

Great, that’s what I forgot. Now I need to get him a present. I think I might just die from the guilt.


10 thoughts on “Ironic

  1. Hey buying presents is always fun…. except when you’re broke. And no I am not kidding or sleuthing on ya… I stumbled on his blog and things just took off from there. My friends have a funny way of re-appearing on me. One other guy just landed up on my doorstep after 8 long years of no communication. He looked up my blog and told me you all were together.

  2. I feel your pain, my dear. Was broke around Mum’s bday so said will do in Diwali. Diwali is right here, I am still broke and scrounging around for decent (read economically viable!) ideas. When do you get home?

  3. Extempore- Its worse if you’re broke and they tell you what to buy. ;)Cowlick-That is suckyville supreme. My sympathies!Mahi- Allow me to introduce you to binge-shopping, binge-drinking daughter–Moi! Here’s the little secret, if you get good grades, parents will ignore everything else. EVERYTHING!Karuna- Ayyy, but it doesn’t work the other way round, for me the thought doesn’t count. That’s why you’ll be in heaven while the flames devour my soul.Clint-YUP!

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