Coming home now

Weeks, days, hours, minutes till I’ll be home….1, 2, 3, 4..

I’m all Boyzone-y this morning! Why wouldn’t I be? I’m goin goin goin goin Hoooooome..
I’m walking down the streets and my heart goes boom! Okay okay I’m incapable of coherence right now.
I’ll definitely miss
-the obsessive-compulsive blogging
-the are-you-fucking-crazy look I get when I say “Actually, I’m vegetarian”
-Alcohol, oh my god, noooooo *poses like the “Scream” painting*
-My “tiny clothes” (as a stupid friend of mine says, and if you’re reading this then 😛 to you)
-My manicurist

If you think I’ll be out and about, painting my sweet Bombay red, then think again. I particularly enjoy the state of nothingness. A normal day in Bombay for me involves16 hours of sleep, 3 hours of crappy Indian soaps, five cups of “kadak chai”, lunch, dinner and in-betweens. I do not like to go out. And even if I do, its with Dad. And that mainly involves jogging or bitching or yelling at him for not letting me drive. (I have a license you know!) And of course, showing up at my brother’s college/classes as the “hot sister”, oh how I love that! I’m totally looking forward to giving mom and grandma a break from cooking by taking over with lasagnas and risottos.

Anyway, God bless all those who bothered to wish me a safe journey. And all of you who didn’t, damn you to the deepest reaches of hell. And no thanks for not seeing me off at the airport, you piss-offs! I’ll kiss the security guard on the way out, Okay? *shakes her fist*

On my way,
I’m coming home now,
Its been so long now,
I’m gonna get there somehow,
Praying you’ll be there…

Oh yeah, and if you need anything from Bombay, please feel free to go there and get it yourself.


12 thoughts on “Coming home now

  1. ya totalllllyyyyy!… Mango in bombay has such awesome stocks you know!You have so much faith in me.. sniff sniff I am touched ;)Okay, bout the person I know, Ill email you. Why take names here? 😉

  2. hmmm. bombay…. my home. how i envy you.get outta the aircraft, take a deep breath and let out a couple of coughs for me…my lungs show withdrawal symptoms after soo much clean air.

  3. Oh well done! Welcome home, sweetie! I hope you have a lovely, lovely trip. 🙂 And to echo Casa, I look forward to the compulsive blogging – something makes me feel this trip’s going to be chronicled. How long you home?

  4. oh its time already issit? been to busy to realize it! Safe journey! btw the whole hot sister thing is really bad for your brother. think about it. he will have to endure talk about people wanting to bonk his sister…

  5. Casa- Yes yes, ill get fattened.Clint- You too? Ah well no surprise there ;-)Saurabh- Giggle.Cowlick- You should…I call it “a celebration of moi”Extempore,Alice- thanks galsWendelin- Well, what better way to discover how devious I am ;-)AJ- hahahahah…I should think he deserves for all the times he pisses me off.

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