My heart goes Boom!

Sweethearts, I can’t not update. Posts will be short, though.

Phil Collins is crooning in the background “Take, take me home”

Jet’s got the right idea, direct flight, under five hours, excellent service and a great
price tag. What more could I ask for? let’s see…the calm that washes over me when I return
to a place I can truly call home? Yes!

Yes, as I walk out of the aerobridge, the smell typique hits me like a slap on the face. But I have grown to expect it and relish it in a queer sorta way. Immigration is never a problem, the officers are always happy to see someone brimming with Bombayite-ness. The havaldar at the green channel stop me sometimes (this time they didn’t) and I quip in Marathi
“kaahi nahi ho, gharee aale mee, baghaaycha-ahe taree baghaa”
( I didn’t bring anything, I’m coming home, you can check if you want to”)
They always let me go. Throngs of people outside, I squint without my lenses. But they find me before I find them.

The ride back home is a long and irritating one, with a quick tour of Dharavi no less. I call this ride the update-express, as my folks update with the long and short of everything everyone is upto. And I do the same for myself. All the details aren’t important, except this.

26 year old, PHD in economics from Harvard, based in the US.
Parents are French citizens, residing in Paris.

Interested? *bites her lip*

Sometimes, my parents make it very very difficult to hate “Arranged Marriage”.
(I forget where I get the conniving instincts from.)


22 thoughts on “My heart goes Boom!

  1. Wendelin- I KNOW! My feelings exactly, I’d visit them every chance I’d get. Shoppping in Champs-Elysees. OoooooohVikram-Fret not, Ph.Ds tend to make me snooze. Its Parisian Ph.Ds who steal chances.Anony- Why so many questions?Euphoric- Yeah ;-)Rays- Normal Ph.D. thumbs down.Harvard Ph.D. thumbs up.Normal Indian guy in U.S.- thumbs down.French citizen Indian guy in U.S.- Thumbs up.Enough of the temptation already.

  2. ooOOooOO *raises an eyebrow*’Paris’ caught my eye heh hehexactly how ‘good looking’ is good looking? coz parents ALWAYS add in the ‘good looking’ bit.perhaps u need your faithful readers to give u their much valued (ok FINE- bitchy) opinions 😉

  3. Anon- Okay okay! I don’t know if he is really good-looking, I haven’t spoken to him and I don’t even know his name! I have to give the “go-ahead” for further investigations. All I know is he is barely 26, french citizen and stinking rich… *evil grin*More details to follow.Mahi-Ooh lala.. yeah they always add in good-looking. Apparently, he isn’t too tall. But did I mention they live in PARISSSSS??Can you even imagine the kinda shopping that entails?

  4. uh oh wait im fatsoburger the bf? and if he’s not..why’s he so sad?is he a spurned lover?if he is, whys he spurned?how tall is french PHD fella?tall enough?oh god. so many questions!this is getting excitinger by the minute!=D -mahi settles down with some popcorn-

  5. :)quite honestly i was so anxious to comment about the last post of urs i read that i didnt have time to read this one.i read “the letter”.its a work of genius!i can relate to each and every word!and i love it!if u dont mind, ive saved it for myself!

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