Remember the time when you could say something and just get away with it?

Please, sweethearts, I am touched and flattered and all, but do you really have to mourn my marriage in the comments space and then not expect me to make fun of you for that? *points and laughs*

Ah for fuck’s sake, I am not getting married. At least not tomorrow, to say the least. So here’s the dirt. Two impressive cases-

1. The French Harvard Ph.D boy

2. The Aussie-settled Indian MBA buy

Lets face it, #2 seems like a carpenter compared to #1. But nonetheless they are both great cases. The history here is that I have been coming with very shallow bitchy excuses to reject cases, like,

“Dad! he is balding!”

“Dad! he is poor!”

“Dad! I don’t think that guy’s ever been to a club!”

“Dad! His mom was mean to Mom!”

“Dad! Age difference must be less than two years!”

“But I wanna live in Europe, not USA!”

“Okay, my phone bill is increasing, buh-bye now!”

And my personal favorite “Can we please not talk about this for two years?”

(Personal favorite is now one year old and is no longer usable)

So my parents are obviously fine-tuning their boy-search and coming up with fewer and better cases.

Now come on, what grandiose excuse could I possibly use for this one? So as it stands, One year. Do or die.

What did I do? The only logical thing, “Tell me more about this guy” and “What’s the expiry date?”


11 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. Anon- Spare me the low blows, buddy. Casa- They all want a piece of this boy! His market rate just hit the roof.Cowlick- Hahaha..did I?Mahi- Yes dear, don’t worry. Let me check him out first. I saw him first. Hisssssssss!Clint-Sure I do! *looks at the floor with a disappointed frown and sniffs* Its quite obvious that no relationship seems to get to a stable enough stage that it be presented to the parents on a platter. Until then, the search continues.

  2. whats the expiry date???? lol….try this ….works for me….’mum,dad…i’ll let u know when i want to get married…and who i wana marry’for some reason it works for me…

  3. Trust me, the offers have been pouring in since last years. Doctors, Mbas and what-have-you. Its getting very hard to make random excuses. But its comforting to know that the market is highly volatile. 😉

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