Hole in my soul

Something about flying in an aeroplane that makes me feel so dirty that having three showers in the same day simply doesn’t cut it.

Something about leaving behind my family that makes me feel like I stabbed myself.

Something about not having anyone to hug at the airport that makes me feel empty and unwanted. Like the feeling of coming home to cold food. Multiplied by ten thousand.

Something about wearing formal trousers after what seems like an eon of gorging on sweets that makes me feel very unattractive.

Something about showing up at work less than two hours after landing (with barely two hours of sleep) that makes me feel like a zombie.

Something about my new champagne diamond earrings that says Brown is beautiful.

Something about homesickness that makes it so easy to get used to, yet so difficult to get over.

I’m a little fucked up today. A little Coldplay for the bruised soul, perhaps?

Give me one ’cause one is best

In confusion, confidence

Give me peace of mind and trust

Don’t forget the rest of us

Give me strength, reserve control

Give me heart and give me soul

Wounds that heal and cracks that fix

Tell me your own politik

And open up your eyes, open up your eyes, open up your eyes, open up your eyes

Just open up your eyes

But give me love over, love over, love over this


13 thoughts on “Hole in my soul

  1. Looks like u cam back from a vacation with your family….but why all the drama about coming back after a joyride!!??feeling a little sad and homesick is normal…but you talk like the sky has fallen on your head….seriously, its just not that dramatic!

  2. Casa- Hehe, yes, thanks for the jolt to reality ;-)Clint- Again? Oi! I’ve been blogging every alternate day!Cowlick- Yeah, happens every time. Damn weird.Alice- Get out there, its fun! LIke I always say, “ANYTHING to break the monotony”We all make typoes, at least yours isn’t “Formatted my hard dick today”Nandya- Merci Merci…*hug*

  3. Now you know how AJ feels everyday of his misserating life! lol! kidding!!!Take it all in your stride babe. Life isnt all roses but it isnt all pricks either. Winks…

  4. Mahi- yeah, sucks. Better today. Thanks =DAj-Your double entendres …I couldn’t live without them. =DClint- Yep yep.. just thought I’d discipline you for missing a post, in case you did. *Smack*

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