La La

There are many ways to comfort yourself when you’ve been attacked head-on by anxiety, insecurity and a general feeling of worthlessness.
Celebrating with Sauvignon Blanc after having won a photography contest, well that’s just one of them.
Coupla days ago, I was glancing through my resume and read the hobbies bit. yadda yadda yadda…*insert pretentious activities…yadda yadda…photography..
“Jupiter, the ability to use a camera without chopping people’s heads off in important photoes does not you a photographer,maketh”I thought. Anyway, its an interesting field, and I do appreciate art in all forms, so photography qualifies and warrants my interest.

So anyway, Zipadee-dooda who is an ah-mateur photographer asked me to join her on a treasure hunt-styled photography contest.

What do you do to win?
Well…you get 20 questions, trivia style, about Singapore history. The answers will point to historical monuments, famous sculptures, bomb shelters and the like. Find the correct locations (key word being correct) and snap them creatively. (key word being creatively). Best shutterbugs win.

Example-Q:Surrealism meets the falling apple in the heart of the CBD. (central business district)
A: The (absolutely gorgeous) scuplture of Isaac Newton by surrealist extraordinaire Salvador Dali.

The questions were nicely done, so it was real fun deciphering them. But the real catch is that we had less than 24 hours to get all these creative photos coming!

We must have taken a billion cabs between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. And a gazillion photographs. I was being a constant nagging pain because I get very stressed out under a strict deadline. But then again, the point of a strict deadline is that you start it taking it the fuck seriously and get the job done.

Anyway, like I said earlier, I can manage to not chop people’s heads off in pictures but I can’t quite take shots in the same league as Zipadee. So the two of us (Zip’s roommate and I) are happy with taking credit for being the “models”, if you will, providing the occasional highly-highly-creative idea and being intensely competitive and nit-picking.

Well, the point really is…we’re having our pictures exhibited, to the general public… and we won some dough..
some moolah..
some wads of green paper…
some fuel-for-furla..
some barter-for-blahnik…
some dope-for-dkny…
some vitamin-for-vuitton..
some chicken-soup-for-coach…

I should stop now.

*guffaws her way to the bank*


12 thoughts on “La La

  1. Casa- Im very pleased with the current status ;)Saurabh-Sorry yaar, I know it sounds super unlikely, esp. since I have never ever mentioned a word about photography!Mahi- Heeheee…imagine..our team name was un-creative could we have been? LOL!

  2. apologies for skipin this post. almost feel stupid for not reading it. the idea was quite cool. i think i just might spin that idea here even. 24 hours is a short time to shoot too. howmuch money did u guys win anyways?gonna go check out this zip dudes blog too. congrats anyways. want to see the pics!

  3. Clint- Giggle, now I am honored!Zip’s a gal,Yes it was incredibly short, and the gamble is huge..finding the location, shooting it and hoping that the answer is not only correct but also creative.We won 2400$ by the way. ahem.

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