holidae inn

How do I put this? I have no money. Hmm..gee that wasn’t difficult.

So the salary was in my account on the 14th, and somewhere between paying Adrian for the rent, paying back Amex for their unparalleled generosity (VISA and MASTERCARD-you both suck ass! and its your loss for not giving ME a credit card! Bunch of nimrods!) and factoring the loan and rent payments for the end of month, I realised that I wasn’t gonna save anything this month. Not a single sorry dime.

The competition money won’t come in so soon, but considering that the money is good for an Hermes scarf and a Furla bag and probably that absolutely mindblowingly gorgeous charmbracelet from Katriel’s, that’s exactly its fate anyway.

Take note friends, secret admirers, stalkers, wannabe boyfriends, current boyfriends–I WANT THAT CHARMBRACELET! and Christmas is just around the corner.

But I have to give me some credit. I will not let my money situation (or the lack thereof) to ruin the spirit of Christmas. NoSireee. Its a beautiful festival, no? Can be summed in one beautiful word.


I’m sure its what God intended anyway.

On another note, I’m headed off to the gorgeous lands of Phuket and Phi-Phi for some sun, fun and sand in December. So feel sorry for yourself!


12 thoughts on “holidae inn

  1. Spooky! I just did a christmas post myself a couple of minutes back :DOh c’mon, forget money problems… you do have a savings plan which you blogged about once :pEat, drink and be merry!And while you are at it, send some christmas gifts my way 😉

  2. I can’t deal with sun on christmas.. went to India for it last year, going this year too. It’s just so sad to have the no-ozone-layer sun out on new years’ and to see it out till 9pm. something terribly wrong with that.

  3. Casa- I like the song too, and so the feeling grows…Packan- Aloha! and thanks.Clint- Heard its very pleasant.Cowlick- Hey, S E asia..not much choice if you want snow!Kay- people are laughing with you, people are laughing with you.Alice- Good job!! Hope he deliversExtempore- Heehee..thanks

  4. I have been to phi phi! beautiful… but of course that was before the whole tsunami thinggy… if anything i hope its gotten more organized…

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