The right kind of wrong

Why, oh Why? Why is love blind? Why do we not see the flaws in the ones we love, until its too late?

Damn three and a half inch heels…but they looked so they hurt…they hurt sooo baddd…yet it feels sooo good. Okay, so I bought these unreasonably high but breathtaking new mules from Nine West (not donkeys, you prude!) with ankle ties. Didn’t realise they were so high, because they weren’t as high as the 4-5 inch high Mary Janes I was trying alongside. Its all relative, my dear Watson. Meanwhile, it kills me to walk to the printer. Something tells me that someone is going to say to me “I told you so” after reading this.

Note to self: When deciding to wear impractical shoes to work,slap thyself thrice before going ahead.

Enough about shoes, for now. My current pet project is fixing up my bookings to Phuket. Been juggling the idea of spending a night at Phi-Phi as well. Oh I’m counting the days! My only real grouse is that Adrian’s gonna be off the States for a month and he can’t come with me. Oh well, life hands you lemons, sometimes they’re rotten.

Watched Goblet of Fire over the weekend (and Lemony Snickets!)…

What can I say? Great special effects, really miles ahead of the previous ones. But the acting was so anal. Towards the end, I was like “Hmm, looks like Ralph Fiennes without a nose”…Guess what? It was Ralph Fiennes alright. Oh he’s so good at being bad. We especially likey his flowing black ethereal robes. Meooowwww.

We definitely want to see more Voldemort in the next HP movies. And more Alan Rickman please, everyone else in the film is totally

devoid of charisma.

Personally, I think Eric Bana would have kicked royal ass as Sirius Black. (or James Bond- but nobody listens to me!)

And if you need another bad guy, please pick Jeremy Irons Ok?

Seriously, Scar, Simon Gruber?

Irons rocks the villain!


13 thoughts on “The right kind of wrong

  1. HP will be out here only next month… not sure if I will watch it though.Also, when I heard about the mules over email, it was only the leopard print and ankle ties that got mentioned. How come I never heard of the 3 inch heels? :p

  2. >> We definitely want to see more Voldemort in the next HP moviesYou might not, considering Auntir Rowling gives Voldie a 5-minute appearance in Book 5 and a no-show in Book 6

  3. Evil is sooooo goood.I love the charisma the villian of a movie is generally endowed with. It’s so classy and up there.Satan rules!3 inch heels! and then there are those 5-6 inchers too? *extending my fingers and trying to imagine how long that is*Are you a shorty? Why would you wear heels that big?

  4. argh..considering how much everyones dissing the movie…my urge to watch it is steadily dropping…yiikes were the three inchers really that bad??i feel your pain jups..keep the shoes for the future dates that involve minimal walking!

  5. Lehmunade- Ouch that totally sucks.Saurabh- *scowls* The usage of the word “shorty” will not be dignified on Juice. *scowls*Madame- Three and a half, the half inch makes all the difference man!Casa- WHAT THE HELLL!!!!!!!!!WHAA…*no words coming out*

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