how bizarre

I hope I wasn’t the only one watching the American Music Awards 2005 last night. But then again, who else would have the patience to sit throught that snoozefest?

Cedric the Entertainer is the worst, most boring, most anal host there ever was. None of his jokes were even mildly giggle-worthy.

“Living Legend” (uh..) Cyndi Lauper performed her one of her (only) hit “Time after Time” with Sarah Maclachlan. I like Sarah’s voice but there’s no reason ANYONE needs to singe a SLOWER,ACOUSTIC version of Time after time…and they sang in BLACK AND WHITE? WHAT?

Will Smith took home an award for the only single he released this year..was it Snitch?Hitch?Bitch? Best Pop-Rock Male Artist? Am I missing something?

Last year Grammies (?) teased audiences all over the world with a “Never before seen performance by the Beatles”. I was thinking “Holy shit, half of them are dead!” and Whoa, was I in for a googly! They aired a filmed performance. What the!

Well they did the same thing this time at AMA with the Rolling Stones. Beamed their performance from Salt Lake City. How they can possibly insult the intelligence of an entire live audience with that crap is beyond me.

The only really cool performance was the very hot “Dirty Little Secret” by the All American Rejects.

But really, the thing that bothered me the most was the way each artist was introduced. “This pop star is a multi-platinum blah blah..and his albums have won critical acclaim..blah blah.. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Jesse McCartney.” Errrr.


10 thoughts on “how bizarre

  1. Well you werent the only one watching..i was watching bits and pieces of it, cos dad was watching it. And well, he did not understand at least 95% of that show, so i have no clue why was he watchin the AMAs. Anyways, when they said ‘The Rolling Stones’ were gonna perform, i was like i gotta watch this. Only to be disappointed, cos as u was aired!!! wtf!And did you see that Lindsay Lohan performance?? Awesome wasnt it???Hell, can someone ask that Lindsay -‘i SO cant sing’- Lohan to take a dive in the well! I mean WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE SINGING?!?! And my dad asked me, “Beta, what is she wearing?? Is that a dress or a kurta without the pajamas??” Lol. But yeah, the AMAs sucked big big time!!!

  2. :oP I didnt watch it for the very reasons you have clearly stated! Its all mind washing propaganda if you ask me! At least noone lost a nipple ring… :o)

  3. the only performace i seriously watched was NERD and Gwen stefani. i like both their music styles and gwen is a hotty… and noting can compare to NERD’s new rap style… very original.

  4. Medha- Thankfully I missed that bit. But I sure as hell made up by watching Ms.Duff’s performance! If I need that much sweetness I stick my head in a bucket of honey.Casa-Thankfully, it doesnt! you’ve been saved. err…the typo…AJ-Thank God! But what with all the anorexia around, we’ve seen the last of nipple-rings suffering from wander-lust.Clint- Gwen used to be something…but sometimes she takes it too far. I mean the whole harajuku obsession was too out-there.NERD rocks.

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