You can’t take me

Its so much easier to cope with life when you dumb-ify yourself.

Things are going rougher than my perviest dreams. And I’m doing everything I can to make myself a great life.

But…there is always some “but” who thinks you don’t know shit from apple sauce.

Anyway, I pulled it off yesterday, at least most of what I had to. And I did it with a 100-watt bright white smile and white suede shoes. (Again, sorry about the constant shoe reference, but I went to office for a year in sneakers because of a broken foot, so deal with it you judgemental ass!)

I have been reading Tuesdays with Morrie. And I violently disagreed at so many points. I know I shouldnt be. But I did anyway. I love the book. You see, its a lovely book about a lovely old man. And I love little old men. And I appreciate the fact that sometimes cycling on the beach when it is pouring will give you more happiness than a GIGANTIC diamond ring. (Maybe..)

But here’s the thing, how are you any different?

I like dancing in the sprinklers, so do you.

I like eating gooey fudge off my fingers, as do you.

I like breakfast in bed, doesn’t everyone?

Sure, there is happiness in many things money and position can’t buy. But there’s also a buttload in the things that they can buy! I want to be able eat fudge off my clothes while cycling through sprinklers on the beach. But I want to be STINKING RICH while I do that. In fact, I want to own the garden with sprinklers and I want to own the damn beach as well.

So sue me for being over-ambitious, sue me for wanting a better job. Sue me for saying I hate this job and it doesn’t challenge me one bit.(Yes I said it)

Sue me for saying I wouldn’t be doing this shit for the next two years (Yes, I said it too)

Sue me for being completely honest because I think diplomacy is for weak people.

Sure, I’ll play along, I’ll take your stupid-ass job and I’ll do the shoddy work, the long hours. I’ll dumb myself down, okay? I’ll do it for the money. It won’t make me happy. But for happiness, I’ll dance more in the rain, like Morrie suggests.

And when its my time, Par Jupiter, I’ll work my way up and do those awesome jobs that you hear about. And I’ll own the beach and then I’ll dance on it.

P.S. The titles are all songs, every single one since I thought it up.

Don’t judge a thing until you know what’s inside it

Dont’ push me, I’ll fight it

Never gonna give in , never gonna give it up no

If you can’t catch a wave then you’re never gonna ride it

You can’t come uninvited

Never gonna give in , never gonna give up no

You can’t take me, I’m free


11 thoughts on “You can’t take me

  1. Funny this post …. in a way.Relate to a lot of thoughts here. Had a full day of introspection yesterday and came up with similar conclusions albeit personalised. A question – Is being selfish a good thing?And if Yes, then where’s the line between Greed and Ambition?

  2. Well Jups, havent been here in a while but I can clearly see work is being a biach to you too. Screw the world and runaway with me to a tropical island paradise!Oh wait, you are already going… take care :o)

  3. like please.. it’s no coincidence that people who think “money ain’t everything” and all that are just STINKING RICH. Tell that to a poor little girl who wants to buy a house, or a convertible, or quit her job and write books as a hobby.. errr.. or to someone who’s really poor.

  4. Clint- yeah work’s is like that, mate.Casa- Anytime!Burf- =)Anon- Easy way out? errr..sometimes you gotta do these things for yourself.Saurabh- Interesting question, all I can think of is ambition can exist in a state of nothingness. A pauper can be ambitious. But a 28-year old work 18 hours a day in a job that pays is greedy and doesn’t know when to stop.AJ- You didnt miss much, honey!Cowlick- Yeah!

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