Standing Still

Word of advice– Chicken Little is NOT all that. Nuf said.

Everything is happening so fast…Within this week, so many of my friends, romans and country-bitches will be out out out! Oh my God, Woe is me! What am I gonna do? I will spend Christmas alone. GACK!

I ate a salad and a soup today for lunch. And by salad I mean I only ate the five pieces of bocconcini and three pieces of bell pepper and ignored the rest. And by soup I mean one half of that. Can’t help it. I’m trying to lose 3 kilos by Wednesday. Yes I know today is Monday and if you tell me, “Jups..its not possible” I’ll pummel you to death with a plastic bottle. I am like fuckin’ David okay? And Goliath is the weight problem, and all I need is to figure out what the damn sling is a metaphor for. Liposuction probably.

Excuse me if my thoughts are absolute gibberish, but I spent my Sunday pouring over Salvador Dali’s works and my mind is mess of sexual frustration, rhino horns, crutches and beans. If you’re a Dali fan, that should make sense to you. Or you’re giving me the same stink eye that people in the bus were giving me.

My new year/current year’s resolution is going to be “To spend a good part of Sunday reading outside the house” because the past two Sundays have been absolutely wonderful in giving me quiet time for introspection (as well as checking out who is checking me out..but that is besides the point)

I don’t know why, but 23 has been a good year. Not good as in Im-standing-aimlessly-and-someone-gives-a-million-dollars-good but more like a-lot-of-stupid-mistakes-make-you-a-lot-wiser-good. The year-end training put a lot of things into perspective,like how mean I am or how I can never say nice things to people or how I have trouble expressing my feelings and all that cock.

I have also decided to finally get cracking on those Gmats and start making a real career plan. Mostly by bullshitting, but even that takes practice.


10 thoughts on “Standing Still

  1. hmmm.. well it’s festive season so be merry friend! There’ll be other things to spring your mood into higher strata…Phuket for e.g.Chicken Little not good eh?Me too have been doing some good bit of Career planning and aftersome good 72 hours of thinking+introspection+reserach I have finally decided you gotta work for your own self. Make your own road.Be your own boss.Now where do we start for GMAT…

  2. Clint-Dali’s awesome! And yes, Xmas alone will suck, Know any hot guys in this side of the continent? *wink*Saurabh- Entrepreneurship is not my strongest suite…Not right now.. Phuket is definitely generating some major better live up to..Cowlick- OmG! that is so sweet. One down, 4 billion-1 to go.

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