Pure Shores

This could be the very moment,
I feel I’m alive
And all these places feel like home…

Chocolate, by Snow Patrol.

Ever felt that something was so beautiful that you didn’t want to tell anyone about it?

Recapitulating four wonderful laughter-filled days in a coupla hundred words isn’t easy. Its probably easier to just tell you what I did, where I went, what I bought and what I ate, while you figure out how much fun all that coulda been. Right?

First things first. Phuket is adorable. Phi-Phi is breathtaking. Thai DJs are leagues ahead. Thai food is awesome. Thai hospitality is something else. And Thai massages are…let’s just say…moan-inducing.

Day 1: Swim in Patong beach, build sand sculptures, sleep, get a massage, get drunk, sleep.
Day 2: Swim in Kata beach, soak in a waterfall, ride an elephant/buffalo, get a massage, get drunk, sleep.
Day 3: Go to Phi-Phi, shop a lot, get a massage, take a risk by venturing out to sea at night, swim in a deserted lagoon/bay, come back alive, get drunk under the stars, sleep.
Day 4: Sleep on the sunny ferry deck, come back to Phuket, fly back to Singapore.

I didn’t bungee-jump, cliff-dive, snorkel, scuba-dive, parasail, jetski.
But I did play in the worst beach volleyball match in the history of time, I did put on a bikini, I did swim in a secluded lagoon, I did get my hand wet when an elephant slobbered on it, I did eat some brilliant food, I did drink booze from a bucket on the beach. Oh yeah, and did I mention I did some amateur pyrotechnics!
There’s always a first time.

Okay, so I am skipping some very interesting details. But I’ll get to them one at a time. Its like summing up your feelings about your sixteenth birthday, your graduation, your marriage and your first bicycle in one breath. Its not easy.

The point is I was looking forward to this trip like a convict does to parole. And thankfully it wasn’t a letdown. And that, my dear, is the the understatement of the millenium.

Note to self: If you ever leave all your clothes and valuables on a beach and dive in, at least leave them a good distance from the shore.

And yes, this song finally applies to me,

I’m movin’, I’m comin’
Can you hear what I hear?
It’s calling you my dear out of reach
(take me to my beach)
I can hear it calling you
I’m comin’ not drowning, swimming closer to you


14 thoughts on “Pure Shores

  1. Welcome back!What a wild ride you’ve been on. Quite the apt song and title I say. After listening to an hour long description of Singapore and Phuket from a couple who just returned from their honeymoon, I am even more convinced to plan a trip to these places soon. Your short abstract on Phi Phi does make one’s imagination run around.Back to the grindstone eh! Could we have a few pictures of these pristine beaches?

  2. Hey!Where did you stay? And can you actually swim in Kata beach, or is it too crowded?(Going to Phuket later, hence the indecent flow of Qs, sorry :$)Oh yes, and where in Phi Phi can we shop for a bargain?Thank-you!

  3. Lehmunade- That’s okay! =)Stayed at Royal Palm Resortel, which is like a spit away from Patong beach.Stayed at Andaman Beach Resort which is ON the beach at PhiPhi.Kata isn’t crowded, its very nice actually, We played a lot there. But Karon is even better.And the entire island of Phi-Phi is one giant bargain. There is this alley which is like a hundred miles long and with little shops on both sides. Jupiter recommendeds the beautiful bead necklaces, bracelets and breathtaking bikinis. All for so cheap! Haggle a lot and have fun!!

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