Somewhere in between

If you develop incredibly stupid habits like talking to your boyfriend every night before hitting the sack, then you deserve to feel incredibly stupid when he’s away and out of reach.

Ah, I can find a million things to crib about, but somehow the three-day boozefest has given just the right amount of buzz needed to grin, grin and grin, even everything around me is about as pleasant as stepping into a pile of dung.

bang bang: I can’t attend my prize distribution tonight.

bang bang: My boyfriend is a million light years away and twelve hours behind time. He doesn’t carry a cellphone, and he doesn’t check his email.

bang bang: The usual- no money, spent it all and then some.

bang bang: I am hopeless and dateless on new years’ eve. Go on, throw stones at me.

Bang Bang, my baby shot me down…

Yeah, I have a billion and one things I could sit and moan about, but I won’t. Because, hey, once in a while, life’s packing its low-blows and somehow all I can really do is sit and laugh at the irony of it all. Like leaving your bag on the beach with your friend’s camera in it, and having the waves wash it away. Stuff from a movie? My bank balance begs to differ!

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? 😉

The point is, never underestimate the power of a holiday that involves cheap alcohol and beaches.

Here’s to drunken bravado!


15 thoughts on “Somewhere in between

  1. Clint- Bottles away!Cowlick- I hate being vulnerable.Alice- =)Casa- =( Can’t get tix.Mahi- I know that club. There’s no initiation ceremony. Only shame. *sniff*Khizzy- Thanks thanks!Zip-Oops!!! too late now?Angel- I do hope that’s a good thing.

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