Scream if you wanna go faster

How do you get a bunch of (normally) anal retentives to open up, have a laugh and make yourself known to them?

Answer: You dance for them.

Hmm, it sounds corny and tactless, I know. But that’s what happened.

My colleagues and I, being the youngest (read-easiest to bully), were coerced into putting up a song-and-dance for a department party.This would be my first dance since the flying-down-the-stairs-and-breaking-my-foot accident. Which was all the more reason for me not to suck.

The song: Accidentally in Love, by the Counting Crows, OST Shrek 2.
Duration: 3.08
The Who: One tall man, Two lissome devils, and one cuter-than-thou angel (no prizes for guessing my role)
The props: Wings, halos, horns and confetti

Suffice to say that the dance kicked way too much ass for the conservative crowd, whose expressions, I’m glad to say, morphed from “What the fuck?” to “Hmmm, how amusing!” to “Holy shit, I am clapping fiercely because this shit is bananas!”

Clearly people, this shit was bananas! Chocolates, presents and lace panties were flung. (OK, not panties, but still)

Annnnyyywaaayyy, my point is, that I rock.

The lucky draw was highly amusing because I won a mens’ shower/shaving kit (is there no such thing as tact?). And thereafter, everytime the prize drawn for was something to do with masculine hygiene/grooming, the big cheese would holler my name.**rolls her eyes**

What was even more amusing (read-traumatising) was my boss, in boardies and flip flops, doing the catwalk and sitting on MY LAP! I contemplated tipping him, I swear.

A real holy-shit-did-he-just-do-that-in-full-view-of-the-entire-office moment.

In other news, Jupiter made it to the papers! Yeah that photo contest has made me richer this month and put me in the press. Woohooo!

In other other news, still dateless for the new year!

And in more intelligible news, Penguin celebrates their 70th anniversary this year by releasing 70 joyous pocket books, priced at a delightful $5 each. I have made three of these my own. For the introspective (read lonely) weekends. I have also made “One Hundred years of Solitude” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” my own and I assure you, it has nothing to do with the movie.

Speaking of movies, go watch King Kong, if you want to laugh, cry and shit your pants with fear all at the same time. The dinosaurs, the puckering sucker-creatures, the ginormous lobster-spider-scorpion hybrids will hold, thrill, kiss and kill you. This movie rocks out. (except for the very homo-erotic man-boy advice scenes which should have been cut out). King Kong is so typical, the way he chooses his biatch and then no other biatch is good enough to be his biatch. I mean, King Kong is being choosy? MEN!

Quite the incoherent rant this has turned out, but truth is I’ve busy with a lotta stuff.

And its my best friend’s birthday today. Happy birthday Winter- I love you to bits! And look what a handsome man you’ve grown to be…who’d have thought? Just kidding, I did!


8 thoughts on “Scream if you wanna go faster

  1. Good to see you back in the sphere of things. I did think for a bit that you’d taken a sabbatical of sorts. Interesting pictures these. I was pretty sure of the photographer once I had a look. A well composed and exposed shot that. As always your writing lends a certain attractive charm to your posts which is infectitous. Do keep riding the high wave … Drops of Jupiter is a happy song.

  2. And i was wondering why jups is not putting up a new post! And my prayers were answered! :)Eh ur dance sounds like fun! haha..with the props n musta been good..and to top it all, ur boss sat on ur lap!! Muahahahaa….funny! =DUmm..and babes, shoot, cut, quarter and hang yourself..BUT only after you’re done with writing a book, ok?;)

  3. Casa- Normal- define normal ;-)And how dare they all leave for new years’!!Packan- All men be nice to me, and you’ll get a nice present!!Saurabh- Nah, not a sabbatical, just too busy, and home pc’s keyboard isn’t working ;-)And don’t give me grief about the camera man! I feel bad enough!Medha- Giggles, it was fun, naughty, awesome, you name it!

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